Modesty Roundabout #ScavengerHunt 47

During our vacation earlier this year we had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Curvaceous Dee for a fun lunch and an afternoon of Two-For-One Scavenger Hunts (many of which you can view from my SH Listings Page  . . .).  For my first solo SH, Dee led me down the hill to this roundabout!

ModestyRoundabout1The flower bed in the middle did look rather nice and well-tended . . . even if the sound of the circling cars was a little distracting!

ModestyRoundabout2The flowers certainly did smell nice though!

ModestyRoundabout3It was lovely and sunny and quite warm, so I was grateful of Dee’s parasol . . .

ModestyRoundaboutFinal. . . for a little bid of shade, and a little bit of anonymity from any motorists not keeping their eyes on the road!!!

Quite thrilling!!! And I think this makes my 47th location on Dee’s Scavenger Hunt page. You can wander round(about) lots of my other Scavengers at my SH Listings Page  . . . and search out those “Two-For-One” posts with Dee that I mentioned earlier.

And . . . before you drive off . . . may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Come on, it is such funLet’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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2 Responses to Modesty Roundabout #ScavengerHunt 47

  1. This one is definitely on my list. As soon as I can walk properly again I want to start scavenger hunting again 🙂

    Great photos, and beautiful flowers on the roundabout, including you!

    Rebel xox.

  2. Heheheh – that was such graet fun! It was awesome watching you get up the nerve, and then just do it!

    xx Dee

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