Modesty on the Quay #ScavengerHunt 46

Modesty Ablaze Quay1I do like to be beside the seaside! The peaceful lapping of the water against the quayside  . . . the smell of breakfast-bacon from the yachts at their moorings.

Modesty Ablaze Quay2The gentle slapping of oars into the water from a lone rower . . . unnoticed until his dinghy-thingy glided past behind us!

Modesty Ablaze Quay3The swans paddling up to us . . . obviously expecting bread for their own morning breakfast!

Modesty Ablaze Quay4Yes, I do so love to be beside the quayside . . . especially when it’s such a beautiful location as this lovely little town in Dorset on the south coast of England.

It is certainly worthy of it’s World Heritage Coastline status . . . and, I think at least, certainly worthy of inclusion on Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt page as my 46th Scavenger Post.

There are lots more of my other Scavengers at my SH Listings Page  . . . and may I suggest you join in the fun with some sharing of your own???
Come on, it is such fun – Let’s all Dare to Bare !!!

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

Xxx – K


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5 Responses to Modesty on the Quay #ScavengerHunt 46

  1. Great pictures once again!

    Rebel xox

  2. Gloria

    Fab & brave. Your smile always lights up my day. Thank you again.

  3. Wow! Simply love the peacefulness of these pics 🙂

    xx Dee

  4. We keep our boat moored in Christchurch. It’s a wonder we didn’t catch a glimpse of you. Unless……… 😉

    • LOL! You are very lucky . . . to have a boat there I mean!!! It’s a lovely town and I love visiting there! . . . Oh, and I haven’t yet done a Scavenger Hunt on a boat, in the Solent??? Xxx – K

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