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Modesty Ablaze takes a shower!!!Not very Sinful” you may well say!!! . . . Well, for me, being Sinful is mostly about having fun. Doing something a little-bit silly, a little-bit outrageous . . . a little bit naughty.

And . . . in 1982 . . . this was, for me at least, being a bit naughty. Quite a bit naughty actually! Posing naked, in the shower, for Hubby and his Polaroid Camera? Very naughty!!!

Of course, Hubby being-hubby . . . and me being-me, and losing more and more of my modesty . . . we took lots and lots. We probably accounted for a huge share of Polaroid’s UK sales.

Anyway, this past August Heaven posted a polaroid for her photograph-prompt at Marie Rebelle’s Wicked Wednesday. That photograph, and subsequent visitors comments, reminded me of all of our “private” Photo Albums hidden-away on the top shelf of our bedroom wardrobe.

Hidden-away out-of-reach from prying-eyes . . . but also inconvenient and difficult to lift down and browse through (and then have to hide-away again) . . . even during our occasional passionate moments of “remember when?”

But Heaven’s post prompted me to insist Hubby bring some of them down . . . and we spent the rest of the evening giggling and laughing, and exclaiming “oh no!!!” and “I wish my tummy was STILL like that!!!” . . . as we flicked through the pages, with frequent pauses for caresses and cuddles, lost in memories of Polaroids Past.

Of course one thing led to another . . . fuelled by happy and arousing memories!!! But when we awoke the next morning, with half-a-dozen albums still spread across the bedroom floor, I said to Hubby “I think you should scan all the good ones. You know, make digital copies, so we can look at them on the computer occasionally”.

“What? There are hundreds of them! When do you think I can possibly find the time to scan all of them???” he gasped.

“Well, you’ll just have to make the time, won’t you!!!” I replied. “And you know how I always get my way!!!”

And so he has started, patiently scanning . . . and I thought I would perhaps post (some) of them on my blog . . . and invite anybody else who wishes to join-in to post some of their own onto the Polaroids Past page as well.

Because!!! . . . I think that re-living some of our past memories, is not only fun, but also a way of celebrating our bodies and reminding ourselves that not only are we all different shapes and sizes, but we all change and grow into different shapes and sizes. That is just how we all naturally develop and change. And I think that far too often we are bombarded by the media, magazines, books, television, films . . . trying to tell us that there is some sort of “perfect-fit” to how we should all look (and behave). That we are in some way, abnormal, or subject to ridicule or shame, if we don’t conform to the mainstream view of what is considered “normal” or “desirable”.

Well . . . what I want to say to the mainstream is . . . “get real”. The only way of being “normal” is being happy in our own skin. Being happy in who we are, where we’ve come from, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve given to partners, friends and family around us . . . by just being who we are and having fun. “Laugh and those around you will laugh with you”!!!

So, I hope Molly won’t mind me indulging in this Sinful-rant . . . and I hope that after joining me in my shower . . . you may be smiling just a little as you dry yourself off . . . and tap the Sinful lips below for a little less-self-indulgent Sinful fun!

Sinful Sunday

Oh, and p.s. special thanks to Heaven, Marie . . . and Hubby and his scanning-machine . . . for inspiring Polaroids Past.

Xxx – K


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20 Responses to Polaroids Past @ #sinfulsunday

  1. Oh this is a fabulous and fun idea! Such a pity I don’t have even 1 polaroid of myself, but I do have digitals from as far back as 2000, maybe even 1999. I might just page through those and see if any of them fit in with ‘polaroids past’ if you are okay with it 🙂

    I love that you have photos of so far back! My first nudes were made back in 1989 but those were taken away when discovered 🙁
    It took years before I felt comfortable with taking nudes again.

    Rebel xox

    • Oh yes Marie! I’d LOVE you to add some from 1999. Wasn’t that a fabulous year!!!
      And, of course, it doesn’t have to be Polaroids. (I’ll have to change that bit won’t I???)
      I can tell from Rebels Notes how comfortable you’ve become again.
      Xxx – K

  2. What a brilliant peek back at your past and what a lovely idea. I never felt comfy in front of a camera, so I have nothing like this. It is brilliant to see and as always, you look as though you are having the best time.

  3. Oh wow what a great story and luck you having such a wonderful collection of images. Sadly I have nothing and I mean NOTHING of my body before I was about 35… it is something I deeply regret actually but sadly there can be no going back


  4. That’s a fantastic idea. I don’t have any images of myself that are more than a couple of years old, I really didn’t have the courage to appear in front of a camera until then.

  5. I have zero naughty photos of my past. Only in the past year have I even allowed them to be taken. Gosh, I do love this idea, however.
    Great photo to kick off and share, as well.

  6. What a beautiful idea! I love the photo and the playful smile on your face. I also love your comments about how we are always changing and growing. A wonderful reminder to be a little easier on ourselves.

  7. As a child of the digital age, I can only imagine how exciting waiting for those images to appear on the film before you.

    Katie xx

  8. I love this – it must be such a lovely thing to have them to look back on.

  9. OMG I love everything about this! That Polaroid is priceless, I love your bush and tan lines, and you have the same playful smile!

  10. I love this! Since I am still fairly young, I don’t particularly have images like this, but I do wish I did have some from before I had children. This is an amazing and cheeky image that is priceless.

  11. What a fantastic candid shot!

    (In 1982 I was 4…)

    xx Dee

  12. Such a fun looking shot. I’d love to join in on Polaroids Past but I believe I’ve burned all the ones I had back when I did “Burning The Envelope” (http://stellakiink.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/burning-the-envelope/). I will have to take a look to see if I saved any of the pics of myself to digital.


  13. You are adorable! I will admit to taking some photos back in the 80’s. Thankfully & sadly during the divorce of my first marriage he destroyed all of them.
    By the looks of it – you & hubby are a fun loving couple.
    I wish I could be comfortable in my own skin, maybe one day. It’s a goal.
    Thanks for the body positive posting. Because we need the reminders, the uplift and encouragement (especially me!!)
    As always great stuff!!!

  14. I love that you found those pictures. More than that, I love that smile. 😀

  15. I LOVE the idea of this being a new series! Don’t apologize about this photo not being naughty … it is! This new feature looks like it’s going to be a fun way to see how you’ve evolved in exposing your sexy self. You continue to be such an inspiration in me in so many ways. xxxo

  16. I wish I had such an awesome Polaroid collection!! 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  17. Naomi

    Some lovely innocent photos!

  18. I would say this is very sinful, my cock is in my hand now. That’s probably sinful lusting after this young girl.

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