Oral sex skills at #wickedwednesday

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is “Communication” and as that was the subject of one of my posts from October of last year, I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to re-post it again in it’s entirety.

Because . . . of course . . . communication is always the key in anything we do, but most especially in our interaction with partners and our personal relationships with each other.

So . . . from October of 2013 . . .

ModestyShirtA recent comment on one of my posts mirrors several emails I’ve received recently mentioning things along the lines of “I wish my wife was like you”.

I always try and respond with “well – do you talk with them about your feelings and desires? . . . Because, deep down inside, they MAY actually want to be someone different!!!”

Any relationship, no matter how much you actually love someone, can become routine and mundane. And, particularly if one is trying to balance the pressures and stress of bringing-up ones children, running the family home . . . and very probably going out to work as well . . . it can be incredibly tiring and draining.

I know that despite the fact that we’d always had a fun and adventurous relationship, and despite my Hubby always encouraging me to express my deepest feelings right from the very beginning, I still felt it hard to completely “open-up”, or even admit to myself, the things that really excited me. Perhaps it was my Catholic upbringing. Perhaps a lack of self-confidence. Perhaps a fear of being rejected.

So I couldn’t admit to feeling flattered, and excited, and interested by the approaches of other men. And despite all the feelings of guilt and probably initially at least, shame . . . I found myself embarking on an office affair. It was an escape, a distraction, a release from my “ordinary” life. And it was a thrill and an excitement I just couldn’t deny.

And yet . . . I also couldn’t deny those feelings of guilt and deception . . . and the moment I felt I had to “confess my sins” was one of the most frightening moments of my life. But instead of exploding in fits of rage Hubby insisted he knew that I had been seeing someone else, almost from the start. He told me he loved the fact that I could experience that excitement, and difference, and fun . . . and that it simply enriched our lives.

That moment was truly life-changing. Realising that we could both share absolutely everything about ourselves, all our deepest personal secrets, desires and needs, was an incredible feeling.

Of course it didn’t change our lifestyle overnight. We still had all those normal, everyday, pressures. The work, the home . . . and the children. But suddenly that one emotional, heart-wrenching conversation meant that nothing could come between us. If we could talk so openly, and understand, and share each others sexual desires and needs, we could talk and understand anything and everything.

My affair continued and my new-found “freedom” meant I was able to meet and develop other relationships over the coming months and years. My sharing all of the details with Hubby of my “evenings out” grew and developed with an almost natural unplanned progression into him meeting several of my lovers. Then into him actually joining us . . . then into Swingers Clubs . . . then into . . .

And the more we shared, the more we talked, the stronger our relationship became . . . and it continues still !!! Our life just continues to get better . . . and more fulfilling, and more exciting . . . and more fun.

Why am I telling you all this???

Because . . . I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to just open-up and tell someone we really love, just what we really, really feel inside. Particularly about sex! Why is it that we find something so natural, so basic, so fundamental, so difficult to talk about? If we can only just put aside all those feelings of guilt, shame . . . and jealousy . . . we can unlock not only ourselves, but also those nearest and dearest to our hearts. It may not be easy, and certainly those feelings of jealousy may be the single most difficult factor to overcome. But perhaps just communicating those ideas to each other may open up new areas of fun and excitement.

So . . . communication is the key!!! Talk to your partner, your husband, your wife.

Maybe THEY want to be that someone that YOU want them to be too . . . !!!


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rainbowcircle1-200Xxx – K

P.S. – Thank you to the wonderful John Tisbury, (see my side-bar), for my photo-silhouette above.

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  1. yes, agreed with you that communication is very important in a relationship

  2. Your husband sounds amazing, and so glad sharing led down such an amazing path

  3. Thanks so much for reblogging this as I have not read it the first time. How fabulous how things have developed between you. I love the open communication and I love that I can say that I have the same open communication with my Husband. It’s wonderful and exciting 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. I think most people would be surprised at where open, honest communication can lead. It took me a long time to become accustomed to communicating at the level my Sir and I do now, but I remember feeling the same worries and concerns (and I’m not even Catholic!). I’m glad you were able to have that moment and allow it to let your relationship grow and move forward.

  5. You are so very right about all of this. One of the things I most loved about the swinging community was meeting couples who had done exactly what you describe here. They were happy, united and having the time of their lives… together


  6. Hubby and I are along the same kind of road. While we have this mutual agreement and I feel I can talk to him about everything (even prospective lovers), the issues in our marital bed take longer for me to get out and express to him. We’re still working it out, but instances like this one give me hope in my own marriage. Thanks for sharing!

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