#afterrealworldsexselfies No.2 @#sextalktuesday

I’ve previously mentioned that my favourite website, MLNP, have started their own Instagram and Twitter tags for #afterrealworldsexselfies . . . for just after #afterrealworldsexselfie pics.

And, after posting my own first contribution, I received several emails asking if I would post some more.

So, never one to turn down a challenge, today’s submission is a very recent (very, very LOL!!!) “selfie”. Taken (as was that first photograph btw!) by Hubby’s, still-shaking-hand reaching his phone up above us, just a minute or two . . . #afterrealworldsex!!!

ModestyRealWorldTwoNow I hope you will all join-in and post some of your own, because . . . to quote Madam Curator Sarah from MLNP . . . #afterrealworldsexselfies are:

“a great way to spark a healthy dialogue around sex and to celebrate the fact that #realworldsex isn’t exactly over as soon as everyone’s had their orgasm. We truly believe that the cuddling, eating, showering, or whatever it is that you do after #realworldsex is also part of the fun!”

And today is the perfect opportunity to join-in and be part of the fun because today (Tuesday, September 16th) the lovely Madam Curator is leading a #sextalktuesday discussion about what makes great #realworldsex at Sssh.com’s SexTalkTuesday.  For my North American readers you can follow the discussion live-online at 3 p.m. EST or for those of us in the UK I think that is 8 p.m. GMT. The show is usually available for streaming afterwards, should you not be live on-line at the time of the broadcast.

Madam Sarah explains more >here< about some of the points being discussed . . . and to actually participate in the discussions with your own questions or points-of-view, you can log on to Twitter and use the #SexTalkTuesday hash tag during the hour-long show.

But even if you can’t make it on-line for #sextalktuesday you can still be part of the fun by sharing your own #afterrealworldsexselfies at MakeLoveNotPorn.tv

It will make me smile (and tingle) if you do !!! – Xxx – K

Make Love Not Porn

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