Erotic Authoress Spotlight . . . Kat Jameson

I’m delighted today to welcome a debutant authoress to my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page.

Kat Jameson, is a young New York actress and writer and has just released her first two short-stories. Reading both the teaser-excerpts below has certainly left me anxious to know more!!!


At the ripe old age of 27 I decided to let my inner world step out into the limelight through my writing. As a native New Yorker, I have always loved the energy and the pulse this city gives off day in and day out. Being surrounded by Broadway Shows, big city lights and the eclectic mix of people I see everyday, has fed my creative spirit. The dream of being an author and an actress has been my main pursuit for the past three years.

After many years of not feeling like I “belonged” anywhere, I came to terms with my own sexuality at the age of 23. This personal revelation not only renewed my spirit,  it also helped me decide the direction in which to steer my writing. Having a huge crush on one of my female acting coaches helped as well! Allowing my sexual fantasies to finally make their own debut through my writing has been nothing less than exhilarating! I have always written for my own enjoyment and fulfillment, but recently took the plunge and published my works electronically.

I wanted my first few e-books to be a series that takes the reader on a journey with each story leaving the reader anxious for more. I hope that Marina and Linda’s story can intrigue and excite readers as well as reaffirm their belief in love and leave them yearning for book three and book four!

With the release of my first two e-books, I created Facebook and Twitter accounts. Any support and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


From Book 1, The Artist of My Life.

ArtistOfLife“Hi, Linda.” It was Marina. The way she said my name in her light Portuguese accent, Leenda, made my throat catch.

“Marina,” I said and stood, forgetting that I had put my bag on my lap. It fell, spilling the contents of my life all over the floor.

 “Ah, whoopsie!” I cried out as I knelt to scramble for my stuff, thinking, Whoopsie, really? Did I just say that out loud?Marina was instantly on her knees beside me. “Let me help you,” she said. Her hair, a mass of glossy mink brown waves, fell over her eyes as she reached for the lipsticks and coins that had rolled under the seats in the next row. She dropped a handful of them into my open palm. Her face was so close to mine, I noticed three light freckles on her right cheek that I hadn’t before. My stomach did back flips at my sudden desire to connect them with my tongue.


And from Book 2, Love’s Challenge.

LovesChallengeShe trailed her finger down my arm, giving me chills.“Are you waiting for him to bring it up? To ask why you requested time to go on a trip sponsored by the college for a colleague in another department?”

“Well, he certainly knows we’re friends,” I said.

Marina tilted my chin towards her face. Her eyes blazed. “Does he know this?”

She leaned over to kiss me. The rasp of her thick curls against my cheek made her lips even softer. I breathed in her intoxicatingly warm and sensual scent of gardenias and light musk. A soft gasp escaped my throat as I murmured into the hollow of her ear.

“If you keep this up, I won’t be able to hold out till we land.”

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Xxx – K

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