Hubby’s Reservoir #scavengerhunt 39

When I first suggested to Hubby that I wanted to post some Scavenger Hunt memories of our fun adventures over the years, his initial doubts were quickly replaced by “there’s this one place you MUST do”.

I knew just where he meant from the glint in his eye, somewhere he has to go back to every time we return to that hemisphere . . . “The Reservoir”!!!

ModestyReservoir1It was his childhood playground and every time we returned to gaze from it’s hill across the harbour to those islands with strange names, he’d repeat his stories of cowboy and indian skirmishes in the native bush below, scaling dangerous peaks to the summit of Everest, journeys to the moon and lunar landings!

ModestyReservoir2And each time we’ve returned since that first visit 32 years ago, he’d moan as the bush gradually disappeared and new houses crept further and further up his magic hill.  The view is still stunning of course, but now his sacred reservoir is virtually surrounded by houses and out-buildings.

ModestyReservoir3So despite my protests that “a Scavenger Hunt picture would have been so, so much easier 32 years ago!!!” I agreed to grant his wish.

ModestyReservoir4So this post is especially for Hubby . . . to add to all those other distant “boys own” memories.

You can do some exploring for yourself at my previous Scavenger locations on my Scavenger Hunt Listing page.

How about joining in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Xxx – K

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  1. reminds me of Modonna’s song – this used to be my playground !

  2. Oh, how fantastic! That’s a great reservoir spot (I must remember that one), and some sexy-as photos 🙂

    xx Dee

  3. I bet your hubby is very proud of you, and that he can no add this story to his cowboy and indians stories 😉

    Rebel xox

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