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Whilst I’ve never been a great fan of the “selfies” craze . . . and for some of you it may already be a little passé by now . . . I have just returned from holiday to discover that my favourite website, MLNP, have started their own Instagram and Twitter tags for #afterrealworldsexselfies !!! So, of course, I just can’t resist in joining in . . . by posting my own, just after, #afterrealworldsexselfie

Modesty Ablaze #afterrealworldsexselfies. . . after all, not only is it yet another way of expressing just how real sex should be FUN . . . it is ALSO (to quote the lovely Sarah from MLNP)

“a great way to spark a healthy dialogue around sex and to celebrate the fact that #realworldsex isn’t exactly over as soon as everyone’s had their orgasm. We truly believe that the cuddling, eating, showering, or whatever it is that you do after #realworldsex is also part of the fun!”

I couldn’t agree more . . . and I urge you to join in and post your own fun, loving, cuddling and sharing “aftermath” moments of what I think you will ALL agree is the best fun we are all capable of having.

Whether together with partners, lovers, friends . . . or even (come-on don’t be afraid to admit it!!!) . . . alone on our own . . . it is the most wonderful form of release and relief.

Why not share your happiness and make others feel happy, and warm and tingly, at the same time. You know we all do it, we all have those moments, but too many of us don’t talk about it enough . . . just think how much happier, and calmer, and more fun . . . and more sharing . . . the world would be!!!

See how you can share your own #afterrealworldsexselfies from

It will make me smile (and tingle) if you do !!! – Xxx – K

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