Modesty spending a penny #ScavengerHunt 35

I’m in holiday-mode at present and whenever I’m on my way to a new destination I always think back to previous vacations and the fun times I’ve had.

After all being away from home is all about having lots of fun isn’t it? Even . . . as on this occasion . . .  when one gets caught short occasionally!

ModestyCornwallToilets1It’s always such a relief when you are in a strange location and need to spend a penny . . . to find a clean and comfortable convenience.

ModestyCornwallToilets2Even if one does have to wait . . . patiently . . . in the queue.

ModestyCornwallToilets3But it was certainly well worth the wait. And I just  have to thank the lovely Curvaceous Dee  for not only finding me such spotless public-toilets . . .

ModestyCornwallToilets4But for also taking these photographs . . . well, I could hardly have taken Hubby inside with me, now could I ???.

If you feel inclined to sit and ponder for a little while, there is a growing collection of my other Scavenger Holiday Pictures on my Scavenger Hunt Listing page.

Scavenger Hunt Platinum Award

How about joining in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Xxx – K

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0 Responses to Modesty spending a penny #ScavengerHunt 35

  1. Fabulous pictures yet again!

    Rebel xox

  2. mikey2ct

    You are such a fox!

    Michael xox

  3. Great stuff as always!!

  4. Ah, the memories! That was so much fun – and you look (and looked) fantastic 🙂

    Scavenger Hunters have about the most fun in public loos, I think…

    xx Dee

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