The Modesty Wall 2-for-1 @ #sinfulsunday

The wonderful fun I had in meeting the lovely Curvaceous Dee earlier this year is never too far from my mind. The memories of our Scavenger Hunting afternoon always make me smile, then giggle, then laugh out loud . . . and, of course, feel good all over!!!

As I did when Dee posted her Flying the Flag on last week’s Sinful Sunday!!!

Modesty Ablaze & Curvaceous Dee 2 for 1So, with Dee’s permission, I’d like to share another one of our 2-for-1 fun locations from that same afternoon.

Curvaceous Dee & Modesty Ablaze 2 For OneIt wasn’t on a Sunday . . . a Tuesday early afternoon actually.  LOL!!!

Modesty Ablaze and Curvaceous Dee 2 for 1But with city workers having their picnic lunches nearby, or walkers and runners out for their mid-day exercise, some would say we were behaving rather Sinfully . . . but being Sinful is such fun don’t you think???

And you can see just how many others are having Sinful fun this Sunday by gently leaning-up against the lovely lips below!

Sinful Sunday

Oh . . . and P.S.  . . . Does this qualify for a notch on the “Wall” category Dee ???

Xxx – K

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0 Responses to The Modesty Wall 2-for-1 @ #sinfulsunday

  1. silverdomuk

    You guys have obviously had so much fun with these and other pics in the series. I have enjoyed them very much,

  2. I love the boobs pressed together in the first image but the last one is pure magic, your expression and Dee’s pose as if she is saying ‘Ta-da’ is just perfect


  3. These are fantastic! You and Dee’s 2 for 1’s are brilliant!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. H2E

    Hi Modesty

    Club Pedestal is on thursday

    There is also a pre drinks party in Hoxton beforehand

    Email me if you are interested in either or both

    Irish Joe

  5. H2E

    You and Hubby are welcome to attend the pre drinks party at Lady Alexis’s slave Phil’s place

    It’s a groovy apartment in Hoxton


  6. I absolutely love the sinful fun the two of you had together 🙂
    Great photos!
    Rebel xox

  7. Yay more Dee and Modesty cuteness! These are priceless. 🙂

  8. Hee! One can be sinful any day at the week 🙂
    And these are sinfully delightful!

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. pottersproperty

    Oh my goodness, this looks like way too much fun!!

  10. The fun you two are having is infectious! Brave and delightful!

  11. sub-Bee

    You two look as if you had so much fun on your trip.

  12. You guys look like you had a blast.

  13. Wee! Those were so much fun to take 🙂 I’ve updated the Scavenger Hunt pages with this great boundary wall.

    xx Dee

  14. sexualitysanctuary

    You guys look so happy!

  15. Thank you all . . . yes was such a fun day. And there are more if you’d like to see! LOL!!!!
    Xxx – K

  16. looks like much fun was had. brave ladies! 😉

  17. Oh, I can well imagine the two of you giggling like loons whilst taking those photos 😀


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