Travelling 1st Class on Modesty Airways at #WickedWednesday

This weeks theme at Marie Rebelle’s wonderfully Wicked Wednesday  is “Flight Attendants, Champagne and First-Class”.

Well, all of our Flight Attendants here at Modesty Airways are expected to always provide a First Class Service . . .

Modesty Airways Wicked 1st-Class. . . serving welcoming glasses of champagne and wine . . .

Modesty Ablaze Salad Sculpture. . . and an appetising entrée in our First-Class Departure Lounge . . .

Modesty Ablaze Licking Clean . . . and, of course, attending to every passengers personal needs before, and after, take-off.

You can read much more about other first-class travel experiences this Wicked Wednesday by pushing the button below!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! That cucumber cock is just too perfect! This is a brilliant interpretation of the prompt and the images are just delightful. Jane xxx

  2. Gloria

    Lol! Simply gorgeous.

  3. That is quite a service you provide. I think we should fly with Modesty Airways next.

    I love how you have used the prompt!

    Rebel xox

  4. Oh my these are truly brilliant. I LOVE the cucumber


  5. Absolutely love the photos! Love the simple & to the point story. Very creative 😀 and I would like to book a first class ticket please.

  6. Brian

    Cue for thought ? The centre piece has reached its own climax 🙂

  7. Sal

    xxxx – love it & ur amazing – xxxx 😉 😉

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