My Kink may not . . . necessarily . . . be Your Kink at #WickedWednesday

Modesty Ablaze tries Nipple Clamps

My kink(s) may not be your kink(s)  . . . and yours may not be mine.

But isn’t that just what makes life so wonderful, fun and exciting??? Just the fact that we are all different, enjoy different things, different situations, different experiences . . . not just sexually, but in everything we do.

The word kink is most commonly used to describe something, or some form of behaviour or expression, that is different, abnormal, unconventional, even undesirable . . . but who, or what, defines convention and normality? Who has that right to decide? Because we are, we can be, we should be . . . all different.

As long as our different kinks are completely consensual, and between responsible adults, we should all be able to celebrate that difference and be proud of it, because that is what defines us as individuals, it is our right to choose, our right to enjoy.

And to take that right and live and experience those choices is to understand and accept the rights and choices of others to do exactly the same . . . exactly the same in their own, different, way.

Of course, knowing that our own difference may seem strange and bizarre . . . and even naughty . . . to others, often makes experiencing that difference even more fun. But for me . . . and I’m sure for everybody here at Wicked Wednesday . . . the most fun, the most excitement, the most fulfilment is having someone to share those differences with. Discovering new experiences, trying new situations and deciding what we like . . . and what we don’t. What is fun and acceptable and exciting for us and our partner(s) and what isn’t. Finding our boundaries, our limits, our levels of enjoyment. And respecting those boundaries . . . and accepting that everyone will, and should have, boundaries and beliefs of their own.

So . . . All Day and All of the Night . . . your kinks will always be All Right With Me . . . as I hope Mine will be with You.

You can experience more kinkiness this Wicked Wednesday from smacking at the magic circle below!

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  1. One of the things I love about sex blogging is learning what makes other people tick, even when it is not for me, I still love learning and understanding what it is for them that does it.


  2. So true, we are all different and there are different things that make us tick, move us, excite us. There should be mutual respect and understanding for that!

    Love the photo!

    Rebel xox

  3. You said it! We are all different. And your kinks are fine with me. 🙂
    Great Post.

  4. Thank you sweetie . . . hope you read the words too though! LOL !!!

  5. I had a very interesting conversation at work with someone reading 50 Shades that was on reflection, me not really certain if I could divulge what I know and practice with regards to an aspect of BDSM and them not not sure if they could ask. 😉

    I like reading about other people’s kinks; I enjoy a lot of different kinks and am happy to experiment. 😉

  6. A rainbow world is a good world!! Lots of different colours to create diversity and individulism!! Great post!

    ~Mia~ xx

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