Modesty’s Castle Wedding . . . #scavengerhunt 25

We’ve just returned from a wonderful long weekend away on the South Coast. The weather was absolutely lovely and I was delighted to discover that our hotel was just a short walk away from a restored cliff-top Castle.

Modesty Ablaze Castle Front Door

It seemed uncannily quiet as we wandered up to the front door . . . and even as we decided to explore the side entrances . . .

Modesty Ablaze Castle side door. . . and wander around the outside gardens. We were passed by other couples (in the background below) enjoying the sunshine . . .

ModestyCastleGardensBut it still seemed reasonably quiet, so we decided to head back to the main courtyard.

As we approached we could hear lovely music . . . what sounded like a string quartet playing from behind the windows overlooking the small courtyard and miniature maze . . .

ModestyCastleCourtyardOneAs I stood by the sun-dial preparing for my next pose, the music suddenly became louder as the doors behind me burst open and streams of people poured out onto the courtyard.

ModestyCastleCourtyardIt turns out there was a Wedding Reception being held inside and they were obviously making their way around to the annex of the Castle for dinner . . . so we were able to relax again in the knowledge that no-one was actually heading in our direction.

“Just one more pose by the sign!” Hubby suggested. “Ok then” I agreed . . .

ModestyCastleBridalPath. . . only to be suddenly confronted by the Bride, Page-boys and official photographer suddenly appearing on the path immediately behind Hubby as he fiddled with his camera. Luckily I was able to regain my composure . . . and my modesty . . . smiling and offering a welcoming “oh I love your dress” to the bride as they briskly walked past.

ModestyCastleFinal“You should have been listening out for footsteps!” I hissed, and chastised Hubby, as they disappeared off to join the rest of their wedding party.

But it was fun, and such a lovely setting, that I thought I should share it with you here at Curvaceous Dee’s Scavenger Hunt site.

You can see all of my previous Scavenger posts at my latest Scavenger Hunt Listing page.


How about joining in the fun with some sharing of your own???

Xxx – K


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8 Responses to Modesty’s Castle Wedding . . . #scavengerhunt 25

  1. She Lover xxxxx

    Looking great as always …… And working hard in the sunshine xxx

  2. wow ! in broad day light!

  3. A lovely set of photos! Great location too 🙂

  4. Gloria

    Fabulous! You are outrageous and the story is wonderful.

  5. Sal

    xxxx – such beauty. fun & astonishinly dangerous & daring – xxxx 😉 😉

  6. *chuckles* You do the best photos, at the best locations, at the best times! Well done for not quite getting caught.

    This is another post with two locations – not only did you get an amazing castle, but also a map out in public (that sign which got you in trouble). Awesome stuff!

    xx Dee

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