“Knowing Her Place ” by Kay Jaybee . . . the THRILL is in the Detail !!!

You must know the feeling . . . quite by some unexpected twist of fate you’ve discovered a wonderful album by a completely new (to you) musician. Or perhaps a debut movie by an unheard of actor (or actress). Or maybe a book by an author you’ve never come across before. And the surprise and enjoyment of your discovery leaves you craving for more . . . that next album, that next movie, that next book . . .

. . . only to find when it arrives in your excitedly expectant hands that your sense of anticipation as you begin to listen, watch or read, is replaced instead by a flat feeling of disappointment and let-down.

Such was my worry as I shakingly began to renew my acquaintance with Jess Sanders in “Knowing Her Place” the third book in Kay Jaybee’s “The Perfect Submissive” trilogy***.

"Knowing Her Place"

“The Perfect Submissive” had not only been my introduction to Ms Jaybee’s writing, but had quite simply been the first book I’d ever read that I just didn’t want to put down until I’d finished.

Of course I physically had to stop reading from time-to-time (from excited exhaustion!), but just couldn’t wait to resume at the earliest possible moment.

The words just jumped from the page with almost electrical emotion and arousal, perfectly expressing all those enthralling and erotically exciting scenarios that I’m sure we all desire in our moments of passion.

For me that is the beauty and power of words, more than any other medium, that they inspire and stimulate your imagination and bring them into your world . . . and yours into theirs.

That was the effect of “The Perfect Submissive” and Jess’s story. I shared her journey, her emotions and her discoveries . . . and I am thrilled (in so many ways!!!) to be able to say that far from a disappointment or let-down, “Knowing Her Place” builds on the excitement and the anticipation of The Fables of “The Perfect Submissive” and the Fairtasia of “The Retreat” to a tumultuously tingling and erotically explosive Finale.

Jess’s journey in “Knowing Her Place” begins with her departure in Scotland from “The Retreat” and continues with five erotically-charged stopovers throughout England towards her final destination. And though the different situations, and different company, she finds herself in all have that (often unstated) reference back to her previous adventures, such is the descriptive beauty and power of “Knowing Her Place” that it stands as a wonderfully exciting and erotic journey in its own right (or write, so-to-speak!)

And that beauty and power is due to the way every sentence seems to balance, so wonderfully, the ability to describe and yet ask one to imagine the story unfolding before you.

For me the thrill is in the detail . . . the detail of the surroundings, the very being (the scent, the smell) of the people my heroine encounters. The feel of the fabric of every piece of clothing. The touch, weight and proportion of the props and implements Jess is asked to endure.

And just like any adventurous journey there are many unexpected and surprising twists and turns, acts of treachery and betrayal, denial and fulfilment.

Yes, the thrill is in the detail . . . but the detail is not gratuitous not forced, it begs to be imagined, to be drawn and touched and felt by all of ones senses.

That is what sets “Knowing Her Place” and the previous two books apart from any other erotica I have read. It is that wonderful ability that Ms Jaybee seems to find so natural.

Every page seems to flow, to inspire, to stimulate . . . and excite.

So, if you’ve felt disappointment, or let-down . . . or unsatisfied . . . by any other erotica you have read, I challenge you to take Jess Sanders journey. I am sure your imagination will take a new and exciting journey of it’s own.

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***As I said . . . “Knowing Her Place” is a wonderfully exciting and erotic journey in its own right . . . but perhaps to get the most fulfillment and satisfaction from following Jess’s adventures, you could first indulge yourself in even more excitement by devouring the first two instalments in the Trilogy. After all, we all enjoy foreplay don’t we???

Needless to say I loved both of them . . . you can see my 5-star post on Goodreads from last year on “The Perfect Submissive” >here< and my review of “The Retreat” in March of this year >here<. So “Knowing Her Place” just couldn’t come quickly enough for me . . . because of course you just know how much I enjoy a three-some . . . sorry I mean, a trilogy!!!

So, go on, treat yourself . . . or tantalise and tease your nearest and dearest . . . to “The Perfect Submissive” and “The Retreat” by clicking on the respective covers below.


"The Retreat"










P.S. –  I just HAVE to mention the cover designs for all three of these books in “The Perfect Submissive Trilogy” series . . . and I’m knot saying this just because I have a thing about rope . . . I’m saying so because the lovely and subtle graphic binds (sorry!) each book to the other in a sort of simple, but powerful theme of submission and devotion. A theme so perfectly brought to life by the magical and enchanting stories within!!!

And, once you’ve regained your composure but left desperate for more . . . as I’m confident you surely will . . . visit Kay Jaybee on-line to discover more of the most arousing erotica I think you will ever find!!!

Xxx – K


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