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Oh my gosh . . . it’s almost nine months since I first discovered #realworldsex and . . . almost nine months since I rented my first video and then submitted a video of my own. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!!!

Regular visitors here will know I have often mentioned how important the message of Make Love Not Porn is for me . . . so I thought that nine months on I should tell you about some of my favourite videos that I have rented from

Of course I realise that what I find arousing may not do it for you . . .  but the following are some that certainly did it for me.

So without giving away too much of the story lines . . . and in no order of preference . . .  but rather categorized under the sort of spur-of-the-moment different moods that I find myself  in on different days, or nights!! Simply >click< on the images of each MLNP-star(s) below for Free Peek snapshots!!!

Passion . . . 


Actually one of the first videos I rented from MLNP . . . and I just loved it. So, much sexier in a few minutes for me, than hours of the typical wham-bam “mainstream porn”. And being quite vocal myself, Ella’s wonderful moans, and beautiful expressions, was especially arousing.


Parrot99Parrott 99  – I love the idea of outdoor picnic-sex, and to know that Ms and her partner were not only able to enjoy their intimacy in the open air, but to actually be able to film it as well, is just thrilling . . . and it was lovely to be able to share their feast.


WeMegidWemegiddostyle – This young couple’s story is so inspiring . . . and their love for each other so obvious in this video.

Sweet, passionate and sexy moments throughout.



BZandGloriaBZ and Gloria – Weekend getaway – A lovely romp in a sumptious bedsit setting, starting with quiet and slow caresses building to a passionate climax.

And that tattoo is interesting!



Girly Fun . . .

LilyCadeLily Cade – The number of videos Lily has shared just completely leaves me in awe! LOL!!!
And she always inspires interest and intrigue with her different partners . . . and, in this video with her new friend Ashley . . . her  strap-on positions!!!



Naughty . . .

VioletViolet + Rye  – And speaking of strap-on’s !!! Violet + Rye’s videos are always interesting with their changes of angle, and close-up imagery, but also always clever and sexy.

And their video “Pegging” certainly wowed me!



TwoTwoSybarite – Deliciously naughty, tied-to-the-bed sex, which I remember getting extremely aroused by . . . and leading to a lovely evening of our own, similar, fun!!!



TiedRedFox – Mmm . . . blindfolds and gently restrained naughtiness . . . just how I like it . . . and this video was very sexy and very, very arousing to watch.




Fun ‘n Frolics . . .

ChristmasTimeAllen And The Jean – Holiday Spirits – Easy to see why the parcels under the tree were left unopened as this lovely couple slowly disrobe and take “giving at Christmas” to new levels.



VIP roomAllen And The Jean – The VIP Room – Now this really is a “blue” movie. Wonderful lighting, and sexy naughty teasing and playing.

This video reminded me of the “mirror room” at our favourite Swinging Club, only this time I was one of the voyeurs instead of a participant.

(It made me wish I was participating though!!!)


The above videos are just some of those that I have personally rented and enjoyed from . . . and as I said earlier, what I find arousing and fun and enjoyable, may not have the same effect on you . . . but all of them show real people sharing their own real moments of fun.

And it is that sharing and that real-ness, that I find so enchanting, enjoyable . . . and yes, arousing . . . about

I urge you all to investigate . . . and even share . . . similar moments of your own. I am sure the world would be all the better for it!!!

Xxx – K 


Make Love Not Porn



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