Modesty Ablaze and the #realworldsex videos

Hubby and I have always enjoyed taking photos, and then videos, of our fun times together . . . OMG over 33 years now!!! . . . both of just ourselves and also with my lovers over the years.

So when we discovered it just seemed naturally thrilling to be able to share some of our more recent videos with like-minded people in the MLNP community . . . and I try to explain why in my latest YouTube clip below.

Modesty Ablaze on #realworldsex

You see Make Love Not Porn is simply all about Real World People enjoying their own Real World Sex.

And, from a women’s point of view, I find that so empowering because it is so obviously completely consensual, arousing and erotic . . . unlike most other on-line porn.

Since we started posting our own we have rented numerous other MLNP videos . . . and actually we haven’t watched any other porn videos from those “mainstream” porn sites (which I won’t mention, but I’m sure you are all familiar with). To me those sites invariably show sex-scenes from a completely male-biased viewpoint, always intent on instant penetration, instant gratification of the male participants, with little or no storyline AND, seemingly, very little tenderness or caring between the people involved. The emphasis mostly seems to be on body-beautiful younger women who seem to be portrayed just as objects without any emotion or feeling at all. (Do you remember The Stepford Wives ???) In fact I often wondered if those young women really wanted to be there at all.

I like watching sex that is erotic . . . BUT . . . I want it to be real and respectful. Something that I can relate to on my own, personal, level.

We all have fantasies and we all think about doing something really naughty and different from time-to-time. But for me it has to be loving, fun and fulfilling for everyone involved. That is exactly why I enjoy MakeLoveNotPorn so much because it is clearly obvious that everyone is sharing their most passionate moments because they WANT to.

Of course, I do get a thrill from knowing that my own fun is being watched, and hopefully enjoyed, by other people . . . I suppose that’s just my exhibitionist side coming out . . . but I also hope that by showing how sex can be exciting and enjoyable, just by letting oneself go and being lost completely in the moment, might also inspire other people to talk more openly with their partners and to try new things and perhaps suggest something they’ve often wanted to try or experience, but have been too afraid to ask! And from quite a few emails and comments that I’ve received since first sharing my videos here, I know that for some people that has been the case.

That is the thing about MakeLoveNotPorn . . . Real People doing different things and enjoying it so much that they want to share their fun and inspire others to do the same!!!

FUN is what it is all about for me in my videos . . . and I hope you might be able to enjoy and experience some of that fun from my own MLNP videos below . . . BUT this post is not meant to be about JUST my videos (though I can hardly link to other people’s movies!) . . . it is meant to be about the wonderful message of and their “#realworldsex, of the people, by the people, for the people” . . . and I urge you to investigate!!!

I currently have THIRTEEN #realworldsex videos at MLNP, (with several new ones cumming shortly):

1) Modesty Ablaze Toytime – Playing with several of my toys, (mainly solo with just a brief cameo appearance from Hubby!!!)

>** Toytime Free Peek Pictures<                  >My Video Intro<

2) Modesty Unmasked – Introducing our wonderful friend, Lover.14, along with his whips and canes . . . and yes, I am not wearing my mask!!!

>** Unmasked Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

3) Modesty Bound & Unbound – Over 40 minutes of an amazing multi-orgasmic session . . . again with Lover.14 who this time brought along his ropes to have me Bound and then slowly, and delightfully, Unbound . . . whilst he and Hubby played with me!!!

>** Bound & Unbound Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

4) Modesty Winding Up & Then Winding Down – The first video where Hubby really comes out from behind the camera and Lover.14 takes over the filming . . . well just for awhile, as he then gives me a wonderful “relaxing” full massage!!!

>** Winding Up & Winding Down Free Peek Pictures<

5) Modesty Hubby Gets a Beating – Hubby really does “come out” in this video (in more ways than one! – LOL). I loved helping giving him a tender beating . . . but don’t worry, he certainly gets his reward !!!

>** Hubby Gets a Beating Free Peek Pictures<

6) More Fun with Rope – Another session with Lover 14 and his ropes and cane . . . and another multi-orgasmic scene climaxing with some passionate kissing of the kind I really, really love!!!

>** More Fun With Rope Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

7) The Main Squeeze – Featuring one of my newest lovers, Lover No.36. And I think you’ll understand why I’ve called this session “The Main Squeeze“ when you view it. You can see a snap-shot of Lover 36 at one of my Sinful Sunday posts from August of last year . . . but only the video can completely reveal the real fun of an amazing evening!!!!

>** The Main Squeeze Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

8) With She Lover – This is a really very, very special video for me. I’ve tried to explain just how special in my “Special Edition“ post . . . but suffice to say it shows a wonderful moment sharing some “girly fun” with my friend, and lover She Lover. I hope you will be able to see how easy it is for me to just completely let myself go in her company!!!

>** She Lover Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

9) Mistress Modesty – Normally I’m the one being spanked, but in this video I am the one in complete control . . . and I really enjoyed it. AND, my “mystery submissive” enjoyed it too. I loved being Mistress Modesty, using my strap-on, and I loved using my cane and whip. But, despite all the caning and flogging, there is a happy (if rather messy) ending!!!!

>** Mistress Modesty Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

10) Modesty & The St. Andrews Cross – I was recently given the opportunity to enjoy an evening at The Hoxton Dungeon Suite with Lover No.14 and Hubby.
This 20 minute video is just part of our wonderful evening, and following morning, of naughty fun. I will, perhaps, post more if you let me know you’ve enjoyed my “Modesty and The St. Andrews Cross” !!!!!!!

>** Mistress Modesty Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

11) Modesty & The Secondary Squeeze – After just a few minutes to recover after “The Main Squeeze” (No. 7 above), Lover No.36 was ready to start again!
And, of course, I find his attentions so irresistible that . . . well, what’s a girl to do???

>** The Secondary Squeeze Free Peek Pictures<                   >My Video Intro<

12) Completely Hooked – The Dungeon Part Two – Featuring a return to The Hoxton Dungeon with Lover No.14 for more multi-orgasmic fun. But this time experiencing completely new, and different, sensations of rope and anal-play . . . and even gentle hook-suspension!!!

>** Completely Hooked Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

12) Sunburnt – The Movie – From a simply amazing holiday Hubby and I had in the summer on a beautiful Greek Island. We both got quite sunburnt, as you will see, but that didn’t stop us having some wonderful, sexy and fun times even with the balcony doors open to the pool below!!!

>** Sunburnt Free Peek Pictures< >My Video Intro<

I will shortly be publishing a post about my favourite #realworldsex MLNP-stars . . . and their videos that Hubby and I have rented ourselves from

And, you can ask me ANY questions you like about those MLNP porn stars, and their videos, at  MakeLoveNotPorn in the form below.

NB: Submissions from this form are emailed directly to my In-box and are NOT displayed publicly. (Alternatively, you can make public comments, in the normal way, from the “Comment” panel at the very foot of this post).

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Make Love Not Porn

Xxx – K

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  1. To me, sex is just a normal human activity, neither moral or immoral. Why people has to call it porn?

  2. Sal

    xxxx – sooo sexy! u r the best – xxxx 😉

  3. Thank you . . . I’m so flattered that you watched it through until the end!

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