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Today I’m thrilled to welcome Helen Johnston to my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page.

InnocenceLostCoversHelen grew up in her home county of Hampshire, England. Her childhood dreams filled with the desire to become a dancer. An only child she was never alone, her years spent entertained with her vivid imagination. She met and married her husband not long after leaving school and soon after their son was born, their family is made complete with Helen’s two cats who are spoiled rotten which results in them often thinking they rule the home.

Her life consisting of home life, and a few jobs in the retail industry, her vivid imagination refused to stay quiet and combined with her love of erotica and all things vampire she decided to try her hand at writing and has never looked back.

Helen’s new book is the first in her Innocence Lost series.

Exams over and finished with school, Siobhan and her best friends take a glitzy break in the South of France. They’re out for fun and ready to party, but when she meets the enigmatic Blake, all thoughts of a simple holiday romance fly out the window. Siobhan finds herself falling deeply in love, certain that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.
But in a shocking turn of events, that dream is shattered when Blake and his equally hunky friends vanish without a trace, leaving Siobhan heartbroken and confused, struggling to rebuild her life.
Ten years on, the pair meet again – and Siobhan is left reeling when Blake reveals his darkest secret. He is a powerful vampire Elder – and he wants her for his Queen. But before the couple can even think about living happily ever after, they are separated again.
Siobhan is kidnapped by a malevolent rival – and forced to be a submissive sex slave in a drug-induced, lust-filled living nightmare from which there is no escape. Can Blake find his one true love once more and rescue her before she is corrupted forever?

Blake’s Interview

Smiling to myself I get out of my car and stand looking up at the gothic mansion that is Blake and Siobhan’s home. The door opens and Robert greets me with a smile

“Welcome Ms Helen, I believe Blake is ready for you in the office. You know the way?” He asks with a raise of one eyebrow and I smile back at him and nod, his friendly eyes are full with mischief.

“Yes I think I do.” He bows and leaves me to walk through the mansion alone. I’m nervous. It’s not every day you get your wish to meet an Elder vampire. He’s interviewing me today, but I wish it was the other way around. I have so many questions for him.

I knock tentatively on the door and wait until I hear his deep voice granting me access. Taking a steadying breath I walk in and shut the door gently behind me. Blake’s study is large, as is everything around here. Very masculine with dark wooden flooring, the walls are covered in bookcases overflowing with every type of book you can imagine.

Once I’ve looked at my surroundings I turn and face him. And there he is, wow, oh boy, he is, he’s just… Words fail me. His incredible presence has me nearly swooning.

He gets up out of his chair and stalks towards me I want to shuffle back but I stand still and look up into his amazing green eyes, which are twinkling with amusement. Oh, oh, what’s he got planned?

Blake takes my hand and brings it up to his soft lips and gently kisses my knuckles. Like a school girl meeting her ideal I blush… He stands back up, takes my elbow, and leads me gently to the chair that is placed in front of his huge dark wood desk. Once I’m sat, in the very comfortable black leather chair, he walks and sits in his, an identical one to mine. Only larger, much, much larger.

He and I look at each other as if we are taking inventory. It’s our very first meeting.

“So Helen.” His eyes stare almost hypnotizingly into mine and he has me entranced. “Let’s start.” He looks down at his writing pad in front of him and then looks back up with a wicked smile on his face. I gulp realizing I’m now the one in the spotlight…

“When you first decided to write, why me and Siobhan and why this genre?” His voice is quiet, but then Blake never really has to raise his voice to get the information he desires.

I swallow then reply.

“When I started yours and Siobhan’s story it was before I had read any other erotic vampire books. We are talking over seven years ago. Naively I thought I was the only one who would read and enjoy it. I was wrong. There are a great many authors out there that I have since become huge fans of. I wrote it firstly for myself, a story that I would enjoy reading, but you all grew and I ended up with three books.” Sitting back in my chair I stop fiddling with my hands and rest them on the arm rest of the chair.

Blake nods and looks back down, just as the door is knocked and he tells whoever it is to enter. Robert comes in bearing a tray of drinks and bowls of snacks.

“I thought Ms Helen would enjoy this as you interrogate her.” He coughs trying to not to smile. “I mean her interview sir.” He bows at us both before walking back out. I look up into Blake’s eyes to see him trying not to laugh. It relaxes me and I smile back at him.

Taking the glass of ice cold water I take a sip and lean back waiting on his next question.

“So how did the book come to life? Where did you start and how did the characters get a life of their own?” he places his large hands behind his head and leans back, the picture of a relaxed man or vampire. His bespoke suit covering what I know to be a body to die for, blushing I try hopelessly to reign in my wayward thoughts.

“That’s three questions.” I state and he raises one eyebrow at me and stares as if to say, and? Blushing I reply.

“My husband was working nights and I was alone and fed up with the crap that was on the TV. I’ve read and read, and wanted to see if I could write something that I would find exciting. I actually started a few chapters in, where you and Siobhan meet back up at Club 1. I wanted to know, what if you met back up with someone who you loved desperately and for whatever reason you were separated. At the very beginning it was only my thoughts and it was very rough. A few friends liked it and told me to develop it, so I did. You all are very real to me, it was easy to write your bio’s and bring you to life. You are all so distinctive with very strong personalities and with stories of your own.” Taking another gulp of water, this being interviewed is hard work. But he’s smiling at me so it must be going ok. For a moment I wonder what he would do to me if it wasn’t…

“You never finished your education, do you think if you had gotten your qualifications and was more educated it would make a difference.” He looks serious and he knows this is a personal chip on my shoulder and he knows I find it difficult to talk about. Damn him… I squirm under his unflinching gaze. I realise he’s going to make me answer whether I want to or not.

“I’ve had people asking me outright how can I have the nerve to try and even contemplate what I have done. It’s only made me try harder, I guess I feel inadequate and that I’m guilty of taking things way to personally which I am trying to stop. There seem far more people who are willing to put done your efforts than to help. But yes, looking back I wish I had gained more than what I did from the educational part of my life. I think I’m so stubborn I was determined to flip the non believers in me off and smile and say look at me… I did it!” Looking at him I am lost for breath, he’s so male, so big, and everything I had wanted in a male heartthrob.

Smiling at me he nods his head, and looks at his questions.

“How did the story come about? There are many twists and turns. Some I have to tell you I’m not happy about. Why did my Queen Si, have to be ripped from my arms as soon as I had managed to secure her there?” He’s now glaring at me, and I can almost feel the anger burning in him just under the surface. I gulp.

“I’d like to say it was all thought out in advance, that the story was planned from A to Z, that I researched it thoroughly from all angles. But really, once I had all of you in my head I sat down and used my newly bought computer, which I might add I had never used word before and wrote it. From the beginning to the end. I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way to write a book? For me this works. Also I’m not one of these people who read and reread what they write. I tend to write it and move on. Only when I’ve finished a whole chapter do I go back and reread and add anything or remove things from it.” I take a sip of the water thanking Charles silently for it.

“As to the part you’re referring to, that was as much a surprise to me as it was to you. It wasn’t planned it was just the direction the story needed to go.” I tell him softly, my eyes not quite reaching his, I had been dreading this question above all others.

The door opens and in walks Siobhan, all blond hair, beautiful, graceful and elegant. Smiling at me she runs her hand down my face, her way of saying hello and walks over to Blake. He pulls her into his lap and kisses her until she is breathless. I feel like I shouldn’t be there, watching. She breaks off the kiss and laughs and faces me.

“See the monster you have created?” she looks at him with the love I knew they had for one another clear for me to see. “I thought I would come and rescue you, I’m sure he has interviewed you for long enough. At least you are still breathing right?” she stands up and so does Blake, I realize my time is over with him. I wistfully think it would be nice to stay here and just observe how they all live.

He walks over to me with his arm tightly around her shoulders and extends his hand to me.

“Thank you for answering some of my questions. Perhaps next time we meet you can ask me?” He winks at me as I shake it. They both walk to the door, I follow, thinking I love this couple. They’ve been through so much and they are as strong as ever.

I hope you will enjoy, and share, the above and if you would like to join my Erotic Authoress Spotlight features . . . and post your own Erotic work here . . . please email me with your details, from my Ebook page. 

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