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I’m delighted to be joined today by Serena Akeroyd at my Erotic Authoress Spotlight page.

A Brit born and bred, Serena dreams in American English and of Far-Flung places, strange characters and unusual scenarios. These dreams feed her plots, be they contemporary tales or of the extraordinary.

Currently in the throes of the Naughty Nookie series, a twelve-part book-i-sode that follows three women on their path to personal growth through sexual liberation, Serena enjoys putting a chick-lit twist on erotic works.

She works best in bed, with her dog (Trever) taking up too much room and hogging most of the blankets even though he’s ten pounds of fluff, all with a cup of tea close at hand.  Her most beloved quote is, ‘The truth is stranger than fiction.’ Serena takes personal enjoyment in stretching the limits of both!

The following is a wonderfully hot excerpt from her “Marina: Part One: Naughty Nookie Series” (see the links below) A Bitch In Time.


“Turn on the light,” I order, wanting to see him spread out, like a feast, just for me.

I hear him fumble about with the bedside table, then the faint click before the lights blare on.  The pair of us blink at the brightness, then, as our eyes focus, we shoot dopey smiles at each other.  Mine is a mirror reflection of his and I reach for his left hand, tightening my fingers about his. 

“Hi.”  My whispered greeting has those gorgeous green eyes of his softening and he knots our fingers together.  “It’s good to see you.”  The inane comment in no way describes how relieved I am he’s here.

I’ve never felt this way before, but then, I guess I’ve never felt insecure about any part of my life.  That sounds mega arrogant and I’m only just starting to realize how intolerable I must have been all these years.  So sure of myself, of my actions.So certain I knew what was best.  Yet now, I’m in the shit.  My arrogance didn’t protect me, didn’t keep me from danger. 

I guess it’s pathetic to want to rely on a man for security.  It’s so not the way I was taught.  At school, on the commune, we were taught everything from the theory of relativity to self-defense.  I can shoot a rifle, but I’m a crack shot with my Granddaddy’s old service revolver.  I can actually speak Russian!  So if the bastards had come after me, I could have bored them to death while explaining E = MC² in russkij jazyk a.k.a their mother tongue, while making them spew in the aftermath of a Butterfly Kick to the gut and clutching their hearts after a perfectly aimed shot to the chest!  But come after my friends?  People who are like family to me?  I’m screwed and feel totally useless.

His top lip quirks up.  “I thought I’d let you rest.  I got in a few hours ago and you were asleep —in the middle of the afternoon!  So you must have needed the down time.”

“You’ve no idea.”

He frowns at me.  His eyes literally glow with his concern and despite myself, I’m really touched.  I don’t know why.  He should be concerned.  If he came to me with a problem, I would be.  But still, to see that someone gives a damn, a guy like Nate too, it just makes me feel warm and cozy inside.  And I’m not a warm and cozy kind of girl!

“What’s wrong?”

I wave a hand, trying to seem blasé, when in truth I’m really concerned.  “It doesn’t matter.”

It does, but this first night with Nate is always special and I don’t want to ruin it with news of how I’ve fucked up my life.

There’s time tomorrow to tell him the truth and to ask him advice.

I just want to be with the man and to enjoy him.

“Of course it matters.  Tell me.”

I rock my hips, enticing myself more than him, if truth be told.  The crotch of my short shorts has buried itself between my pussy lips and the slight friction against my clit has tingles rushing up and down my spine.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Hey!”  His voice is almost a bark.  “What matters to you, matters to me.”

I don’t want to think what those words do to me.  How important they are.

At this moment, with my life in shambles, I can’t think.  I just need him.  I grab his hand and shove it between my legs, but he stops me, his fingers tightening about my own.  This time, his voice is definitely a bark.  “Stop it.  Talk to me, I’m not a fuck doll.”

The bitch in me could laugh aloud at that comment.  But that’s only because he’s denying me what I want.  His gaze is knife-sharp and he cuts into me a little, forcing me to be serious. 

“I don’t want you to feel that way,” I mumble, feeling a little ashamed.

“Well, then.  Talk to me.We’re more than just fuck buddies, Marina.  I care about you.”

For a moment, I’m stunned by his honesty.  In truth, it staggers me.  I can do no less than offer the same to him.  Even though I hadn’t meant to.  But those four words have changed things.  Unexpected, granted.  But they have.

Swallowing back my nerves, I whisper, “I’m ready to go home.”

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