It’s been a Marvellous Year – Part 3

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts I’ve met some marvellous people over the past year. Marvellous “special friends” . . . but also some lovely, inspirational and talented people as well. People whose writing and shared thoughts and experiences, through their own books and websites, have made these past 12 months enjoyable and fun in so many different ways.

So, marvellous meetings . . . marvellous women behind the words . . .

WomenBehindWordsMainstream-media often portrays women who are sexually-empowered, or sexually expressive in some way,  as somehow being “dirty” or “shameful” or “dishonourable”.

That is a myth which should be obvious to every sensible person of course . . . and having been lucky enough over the past year to have met the lovely ladies below in person . . . unmasked so to speak . . . makes that myth even more laughable and absurd.

Meeting, even for the briefest of moments, these wonderful people has been special in it’s own way . . . uplifting, inspiring, motivational . . . and fun. They have all made me feel welcome, made me laugh and smile . . . and envious and comforted by their obvious passion, expertise and enjoyment of their chosen fields of “expression”.

So, special thank you’s to all of you . . .

Huge Kisses to you all !!!

Xxx – K

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  1. Thank you so much!! It was wonderful to meet you as well- and I will always be grateful for your support and kindness. I look forward to our next meeting, and all the laughter and chatter it will most certainly bring! xxx

  2. Blimey, thank you so much! It was so lovely meeting you as well. I hope you’re coming to Eroticon next year, because it would be lovely to see you there again.

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