It’s been a Marvellous Year . . . Part 2

It really has been a marvellous year, a year of marvellous milestones . . . marvellous moments . . . marvellous meetings . . . and I thought it might be nice to share some of those “Marvellous Mmm’s” with you here over the next two weeks.

Marvellous meetings . . . marvellous special friends . . .
SwingersFeetMay13Hubby and I have indulged in our swinging lifestyle for quite some time now and have met some interesting and fun people. But in our experience, and from the experience of many other swingers we have spoken to, it is very rare for both partners to be completely attracted to, and completely comfortable with, both of the partners in another couple.

But last year we were incredibly lucky to meet a couple with whom we both felt instantly attracted to and, more importantly, instantly-at-ease with . . . and, incredibly, as our relationship developed, the fun just got better and better and led us to become not just lovers, but special friends as well. So much so that earlier this year we enjoyed a wonderful four-day long-weekend away in Prague together with our special friends.

Our four-in-a-bed fun was even more wonderful than any of us could ever have imagined . . . and we even got to do some sight-seeing (well, just a little-bit, LOL !!!). It was truly one of the highlights of a marvellous year . . .

ModestyRopes. . . as was our amazing fun times with another of our special, special friends, Lover 14, who introduced me to the delightful sensations and experiences of rope and bondage play.

With every meeting we seem to explore different scenarios . . . and different fun times. Masks and knots, whips and canes . . . different extremes . . . and different marvellous sensations on every occasion.

So, yes . . . marvellous meetings shared with marvellous special friends, for which I shall be forever eternally thankful.

Xxx – K

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  1. Sally

    ;;) ;;) ;;) hope u have a sexy xmas 2

  2. She Lover xxxxx

    Thank you xxxxx

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