It’s been a Marvellous Year . . . Part 1

It really has been a marvellous year for me.

Marvellous milestones . . . marvellous moments . . . marvellous meetings . . . and I thought it might be nice to share some of those “Marvellous Mmm’s” with you here over the next two weeks.

Marvellous milestone . . . marvellous Make Love Not Porn . . .

ModestyHumpDayFeaturePornography has always been a bit of an enigma for me. Yes, I would usually find watching initially arousing . . . but often I would find my excitement wane quite quickly as I began instead to focus on the clearly apparent falseness of the situations, or the unrealistic moans and groans of the participants. And then, worse still, I would wonder if the women were really enjoying themselves or if their motives for being involved were dictated by circumstances that had nothing whatsoever to do with their own excitement or enjoyment.

Of all the videos we would ever watch, I would always tell Hubby “the only ones I really, really find exciting are Nina’s” . . . because for me, Nina Hartley* was the only one that seemed “natural” and “real” and the only one who really seemed to be enjoying herself. So for years and years, Nina’s films were the only erotic-movies (pornography?) I really would enjoy and watch again and again. And, when we started watching, I’m talking about video cassettes!! (you know, those book-sized cartridge thingys with reels of black film-tape inside them) long before DVD’s and the internet.

That was until this year when I discovered Cindy Gallop** and Make Love Not Porn***. Suddenly, here was an on-line erotic-video site which IS “real”, and where the participants are clearly involved because they WANT to be. A site where real people can share real videos of themselves in real-life situations. And I found that empowering for me as a woman . . . and empowering for Hubby and I as a couple . . . because MLNP gives the “video-stars” (everyday people like us) the opportunity, and control, over the content and nature of every film we wish to share.

And it is that word “share” . . . that for me makes’s the MLNP experience so captivating, exhilarating . . . and yes, arousing!!! Sharing the wonder and excitement, and personal fulfilment, of our lifestyle with a community of like-minded people. People who are only there because they want, like us, to “share” the things that arouse them about their own relationships and their own life-styles . . . and therefore possibly, hopefully, may influence others to open-up and express their own desires and experiences.

Of course the voyeur/exhibitionist in me (in ALL of us???) means I have found all the emails I have received from people who have rented the videos, to be flattering and exciting. But it is the “sharing” that I have found to be the most enjoyable thing about being part of the MLNP community.

And by sharing and being part of the community, I don’t just mean posting our own videos . . . we have also rented and enjoyed a number of different videos from other MLNP-stars.

BUT, most importantly, both Hubby and I agree it has actually added yet another level of fulfilment to our relationship . . . that fact of sharing part of our own personal-lives that seems to have given lots of people extra excitement and enjoyment . . . and hopefully may have made some positive contribution to the way they view, or live their own relationships.

So yes . . . marvellous Make Love Not Porn

It’s free to join the MLNP community and free to view all of the MLNP-stars profiles and “Free Peek” clips and introductions. You can visit the Modesty Ablaze Hump Day feature by clicking on the first image above at the beginning of this post, or see one of my own “Free Peeks” by clicking on the image immediately below!!!

ModestyMLNPfeatureSo I really do recommend you visit and enjoy, and share, the love and excitement yourselves !!!

Xxx – K

*More about Nina Hartley at my “Other Places I Like” page.

**More about Cindy Gallop and *** at my “Modesty Ablaze Videos” page.

AND huge Kisses all over to the Marvellous Lover No.14.

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