Modestly Drumming !!!

This weeks Sinful Sunday is all about sharing some Festive spirit . . . so I thought you might like to Come with Me and make our own Christmas Carol . . . just you, and I . . . oh! and whoever else you would like to invite!!!


Due to events outside my own control the original content of this post became inappropriate . . . so I have removed it!!!

However, I received so many email messages at the time asking for more photos from the same session that I thought the very least I could do would be to keep these original photos live.

I hope you will still enjoy the beats without the lyrics!!!

See who else is being Festively Sinful this Sunday by clicking the link below!

Sinful Sunday

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0 Responses to Modestly Drumming !!!

  1. Lori&Hubby

    Too cute… Xx

  2. She Lover xxxxx

    Great shoes xxx

  3. Absolutely brilliant!
    The poem put a huge smile on my face when I read it. Your photos go great with the words. Happy SS!!!

  4. Oh my I really toyed with doing this song and even looked at a toy drum in my local supermarket. Glad I didn’t now as you have really nailed this one as your own


  5. Totally awesome – love the drum and adore your outfit (skin, shoes and mask. Brilliant)!

    xx Dee

  6. I love the first photo… the smile tells me you are having fun 🙂

    I will not be able to listen to this song again without thinking of this photo.

    Rebel xox

  7. What a great invitation! I’ll cum right over 🙂

  8. hahah i love the fun of it!
    so many of my friends would be chasing you around and trying to use their sticks on your lovely ass!

  9. so original and so very cool! beautiful.

  10. Stunning. That sound is my heart drumming!

    O x

  11. Fantastic; looked so much fun!

  12. This is awesome. You look amazing. I want to be your groupie! 😉

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