Happy Hump Day with Madam Curator

This weeks edition of the MLNP.tv Happy Hump Day blog features a wonderful video-blog from the delightfully delicious Madam Curator Sarah introducing six brand new #realworldsex video offerings. Two video’s from debutant MLNP-stars Cato and new videos from the adventurous Alex & Anna, lovely and loving Irish couple RedFox, yours-truly Modesty Ablaze and the red-hot Lilly Cade.

But that is not just why I am urging you to watch Sarah’s video at MLNP.tv’s latest post . . . rather it is because I think you will be enthralled and excited, enchanted and intrigued by Sarah’s presence and delivery. Her enthusiasm and belief in the ethos of #realworldsex shines through in her video and I would just love all of you being able to enjoy and share in some of that excitement and enthusiasm as well, (click on her picture below to see exactly what I mean!).


I just love the whole MakeLoveNotPorn approach to #realworldsex. Simply put, Real people enjoying . . . and sharing . . . their own Real moments of passion, fun and excitement.

From the moment I first saw Cindy Gallop’s (MLNP’s co-founder), inspirational video of her presentation at the Ted Conference . . . and then subsequently read through all of Sarah’s insightful posts at the MLNP.tv blog . . . I have been addicted.

Addicted to Sarah and Cindy’s philosophy and addicted to the way the MLNP-stars present their videos. And it wasn’t too long of course, before I worked up the courage to share some of my own.

It’s free to join the MLNP community and free to view all of the MLNP-stars profiles and “Free Peek” clips and introductions. Hubby and I have already enjoyed videos from several of the couples that Sarah talks about in this week’s edition and will certainly be investigating the new-names she is featuring.

Please do visit and enjoy, and share, the love and excitement . . . just because !!!


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  1. SJS

    Wanted say we luv your videos. The best we’ve seen anywhere. Period. We luv the way you seem to enjoy yourself so much. That is fantastic to see.

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