100th Sunday Snog for Médecins Sans Frontières . . .

100buttonToday is the wonderful Victoria Blisse’s 100th Sunday Snog and I am so happy to be able to help her celebrate . . . and join her in her quest to donate some kissingly-wonderful funds to the charity, Médecins Sans Frontières.

For those of you who are unaware of the work they do, please take a few moments to visit their website: http://www.msf.org.uk/ to find out, and to see the diverse areas of the world in which they work.

And I really hope you will join me, and lots of the wonderful Erotic Authoresses (see list further below), in donating to their cause from Victoria’s Just Giving Page at: http://www.justgiving.com/sundaysnog

And, to hopefully, inspire a little extra giving . . . and, of course, SNOGGING LOL!!! . . . I am also donating a FREE E-book, or PDF, copy of one of my diaries “Arrivals and Departures”.

How can you win? Simply by entering your name (don’t worry you can use an alias if you are that embarrassed about people knowing you visit me here) in the Comments section below . . . OR, by commenting on one of the other lovely authors posts and mentioning you discovered this event because I told you about it.

I will select one lucky winner . . . by asking Hubby to draw a name out of a, wine, glass on Sunday the 29th!!


Just to set the scene . . . and to get the Kissing Started, here is a little excerpt from “Arrivals & Departures”:

Arrivals400James was as excited as I was and stood by the door as I showered, trying to make his suggestions over the sound of the water, about what I should wear.

I let him dry me with the towel when I got out, asking him to reassure me that it really was alright, and loving his excited kisses and touches . . . and feeling his obvious excitement as well.

I was rushing through my make-up, asking James to book a cab as it would take 45 minutes to get there. He kissed my shoulders and said he’d drive me there himself. I felt myself blushing with excitement as I looked up at him and then I stood up and turned to kiss him . . . we stood embracing for several minutes, telling each other how much we loved each other and loved our life. It’s still, after all these years, wonderful to be able to say these things to each other . . . tingling sexual moments, and yet not just about the sexual tinglings.

I felt warm and wet, and just so happy and naughty and excited and . . . just so free . . . all rolled together. We kept kissing, me telling him how lucky I was, him telling me how lucky he was . . . it really was a special, special moment. One that I know I will remember long after I have forgotten so many of the other things we have experienced in all our years together.

I chose my white silk stockings, suspenders and bra set (I decided I didn’t need the knickers) and silver earrings and necklace that James had brought me earlier in the year, grey shoes and my grey wool coat. I folded the matching woollen dress into my bag . . . “for the journey home” I told him.

He told me I looked “incredible” and asked if I would unbutton the coat as we drove. I turned the heater up in the car as it was freezing as we set-off, but told him I would only unbutton it, and not slide it off my shoulders as he wanted me to, as we were driving through the city in broad daylight. I had to playfully keep pushing his hands away at each traffic light at first, and tell him to behave himself and concentrate on his driving.

We kissed again for several minutes in the car once we’d arrived, and as I stepped out into the cold and turned to wave goodbye through the windscreen, I felt just so wonderfully naughty . . . my husband had just dropped me off, in broad daylight, on a Sunday afternoon, at my young lovers door. I was tingling as I stepped across the cobblestones, simply tingling!!!


So, do please Comment . . . and Contribute !!! And see who else is contributing, and some of the wonderful prizes on offer by visiting Victoria’s post here: 100th Sunday Snog !!!

1. Victoria Blisse 2. Lucy Felthouse
3. Kay Jaybee 4. Maggie Mitchell
5. Harper Bliss 6. Gemma Parkes
7. K D Grace 8. Amy Armstrong
9. Lavinia Lewis 10. Tamsin’s Superotica
11. Jacqueline Brocker 12. A kiss is more than a kiss
13. Love is a Many Flavored Thing 14. Vanessa de Sade
15. Jillian Boyd at Lady Laid Bare 16. Lisabet Sarai
17. Lily Harlem 18. Patricia Yager Delagrange
19. C.A. Szarek Collision Kiss 20. Dianne Hartsock
21. L.C.Wwilkinson 22. Jaime Samms
23. Normandie Alleman 24. Diana DeRicci
25. Belinda McBride 26. Tonya’s Tales
27. Layla Hunter 28. Tricia Andersen
29. Thea Landen 30. Tabitha Rayne
31. Colette Saucier 32. Kiru Taye
33. J.P. Bowie 34. 100 Kisses from Justine
35. P.K. Morris 36. Grace Marshall Romance
37. A Special Sunday Snog 38. Tilly Hunter
39. Tara Lain 40. Kimber Vale
41. Juliette Cross, NA Urban Fantasy 42. Ashe Barker – a snippet from Darkening
43. Candlelit Magic by Wendi Zwaduk 44. Hot Laps by Megan Slayer
45. Amber Garr: The Evolution of a Muse 46. Haley Whitehall
47. Will Belegon 48. Hidden Heat by Amy Valenti
49. Maggie Nash


Happy Snogging !!! – Xxx – Modesty

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  1. How Naughty and Exciting…

  2. normandiea

    Ah, an open relationship. Or is there more going on? Intriguing for certain.

  3. Sally

    read this book. its so sexy. but when r u going for dees dare?

  4. Bill

    Great reading, right in the mood.

  5. Thank you Terry. I still haven’t finished compiling the next diary book . . . just been so busy! LOL!!!
    But please be patient. Will publish as soon as I can get it finished.
    Xxx – K

  6. This sounds so much fun. 😉

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