Modesty Ablaze Bound new video at

My newest video, “Modesty Ablaze Bound & Unbound” for #realworldsex, is now available on  !!!

You can watch my YouTube introduction to the film by clicking the image above.

It is my third video for #realworldsex at Make Love Not Porn.

I’ve always enjoyed a little-bit of light bondage, but it wasn’t until we met Lover No.14 that I was introduced to Rope Play.

I soon found I really enjoy being tightly bound in the ropes and knots and this video starts with No.14 doing just that. I love the feeling of being helpless and completely at his mercy and of course loved the naughty things that he, and Hubby, do to me before and after, I am unbound and released.

I completely lost count of how many orgasms I had, but it was a truly magical evening.

When I am lost in those moments of passion (I call it my “love cocoon”) I am so completely carried away that a herd of wild horses could probably charge through the room and I wouldn’t be able to stop.


I just seem to get consumed by wave after wave of wonderful orgasms. Even the tips of my fingers and toes seem to tingle and vibrate . . . until eventually I’m drained completely. Everything goes numb and I usually have to roll over onto my side and curl up into a ball (as happened on this occasion), suddenly feeling self-conscious and swearing at Hubby “turn that video off now, that’s enough, just cuddle me please”.

I hope you will enjoy this and do please let me know if you would like us to upload more. You can view my profile on .

Xxx – Katie

P.s. It’s free to register at MLNP . . . and then you simply pay a minimum fee to “rent” a video for three weeks, so you can watch me over, and over, and over again for less than Lover No.14 paid for that cup of coffee I was enjoying on my Early morning Coffee in Euston post !!!

Oh, and p.p.s. there are lots, and lots, of other wonderful people with their own #realworldsex videos that I’m sure you will enjoy at: Logo

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  1. Sally

    omg u r brave. but so lovely to hear you speak and the waves soundings. xxx Sal

  2. SunOnSkin

    Wow – what a sexy video! LOVE the red ropes on your skin. So beautiful…

  3. carlie cameron

    i watched the video on MLNP, very hot.

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