My lovely Greek . . .

KatiePoolFromGreeceAug13. . . holiday!! . . . I bet you wondered what I was going to say then! LOL !!

Hubby and I are enjoying a lovely holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia. Having a simply fabulous time, with lots of chilled wine, relaxing around the pool, taking evening walks along the almost deserted small beach, and having the most wonderful meals at the local bars and tavernas . . . with lots more chilled wine!

Internet access is rather limited though and consequently I’ve only been able to log-in occasionally so I apologise if I haven’t been answering emails and messages as quickly as I normally would.

I promise to catch-up as quickly as I can when we return . . . and you never know, I might just have some more pictures to share with you as well.

Bye for now.

Xxx – Katie

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  1. mikey2ct

    Ah! Lovely (ahem) scenery !

  2. Terri

    More pics of your vacation. Pretty please.

  3. Sally

    luv it xxx & i like 2 see more as well

  4. Thank you all. That’s very sweet.
    Will see what I can do . . . might have some that would suit a Sinful Sunday post LOL !!!

  5. Sweets

    Love this photo! Happy Holidays!

  6. pteRyan89

    Seen you on Make Love Not Porn site. Your nips are incredible never saw anyone with such hard ones. Beautiful butt also. Your amazing — every mans dream.

  7. Daniel

    Sexy pic and would love to see more holiday snaps. Hows about some from the front as well as more of that sexy bum.

  8. Jean

    Hope to see more vacation pics!

  9. Enjoy your holidays and dump everything by the side, no Internet, no cell phone, just totally immerse yourself in nature!

  10. Sandy.Walker78

    Wow yes would love to see some of your holiday snaps if they are all like this one.

  11. Gloria

    Just back from vacation and catching-up with your posts. I’m so envious of your destination. I’ve dreamt of going there since that film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’. It looks gorgeous. Please tell us more. And yes pics please.

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