Modesty Ablaze Unmasked at

I’m so thrilled that my second video for #realworldsex is now available on  !!!


You can watch my Video introduction to the film by clicking the image above, but we actually made the video earlier this year before we had discovered MakeLoveNotPorn and although it wasn’t filmed with #realworldsex in mind, it was such a fun and exciting evening, that after viewing it again recently, we thought it would be the ideal sort of video to share on .

Hubby and I filmed this video with a wonderful friend of ours who is always great fun to be with and he always gives me a fantastic time – as I hope you will see when you watch it!!!

When we asked him if he would like to join in our #realworldsex adventure, we weren’t at all surprised when he said “Yes, absolutely!!!”

He shares our enthusiasm and excitement about the whole concept of and has even suggested we share several other videos there that we’ve made with him as well.

So, if you would like to see more of him with Hubby and I, just let me know and I will be back to share some more.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t have my Modesty Mask on in this video . . . so that is why it is sub-titled Modesty Unmasked.

Xxx – Katie

P.s. It’s free to register at MLNP . . . and then you simply pay a minimum fee to “rent” a video for three weeks, so you can watch me over, and over, and over again for less than Lover No.14 paid for that cup of coffee I was enjoying on my Early morning Coffee in Euston post !!!

Oh, and p.p.s. there are lots, and lots, of other wonderful people with their own #realworldsex videos that I’m sure you will enjoy at: Logo

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  1. sally

    u r gorgeous. gobsmacked how beautiful u r without ur mask. )::

  2. thanks for sharing the video with us!

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