Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary at MakeLoveNotPorn.tv

Hubby and I have been together for over 31 years. In fact, in some sort of wonderful coincidence, karma, or fate – not-to-mention a cause for happy celebration – our first video for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv actually went live on our 29th Wedding Anniversary !!!


So you can imagine the smiles, giggles and “special cuddles” that we shared on Wednesday when people asked “did you do anything special for your anniversary?” !!!

Every one of those 31 years has been wonderfully loving and fun and better than the last. Each year we seem to love more, talk more and grow together more . . . and share more and more of our fantasies and desires. Realising and experiencing those desires – slowly at first, but growing in fun and intensity as we have travelled on our journey – has made our relationship stronger and more fulfilling than we could ever, ever have imagined.

Finding other like-minded . . .  [read more of this post at #realworldsex on MLNP.tv/Modesty Ablaze]

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0 Responses to Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary at MakeLoveNotPorn.tv

  1. TemptingSweets99

    Happy anniversary! What a wonderfully creative way to celebrate your anniversary. 🙂

  2. Sally

    that is so cool. ur life is just incredible to live. xxx

  3. Gloria

    Gosh you are brave! But it all sounds really exciting.

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