If you like naughty . . . very, very naughty Erotica

Several weeks ago I was very flattered to receive an email with a lovely review of “The Journey”. That email was from an American gentleman, Stephen Olander, whose charming way with words soon had me investigating what is a very prolific Smashwords catalogue of his own erotic writings.

Of over a dozen titles published over the course of just a few months, his “Crossing New Horizons” title caught my immediate interest and curiosity . . . and Wow !!! The naughtiness starts from the very first page!!


Crossing New Horizons

Jim and Liz have been together for years and enjoyed an open relationship but they discover that despite their open minds and adventurous nature, they had yet to try it all.

One night while at a club, they meet Rachel and get the surprise of their lives. As their adventures continue, they continue to open their minds and their bed to new possibilities . . .

And . . . gosh, what “new possibilities” they turn out to be !!!

The action starts in familiar surroundings for me (LOL !!!) at a Swingers Club and with an exciting three-some. But soon moves on to some very surprising situations and adventures.

Mr Olander’s descriptions are certainly very vivid, very imaginative, very, very energetic . . . and very, very naughty!!!

I don’t want to spoil the quickly developing plot and scenarios . . . but suffice to say that every page had me gasping more quickly,  and breathing more heavily than the last . . . and wishing that my own stamina could match (even for just one chapter) that of Liz and her new friend Rachel.

If you like naughty, very naughty, non-stop erotica then “Crossing New Horizons” is a very exciting place to start.

Enjoy this, and more of Stephen’s books, from the links below:

Stephen Olander at Smashwords

and on Facebook

and at Stephen’s own Erotic Author blog at: Stephen Olander

Xxx – Katie

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  1. Paul, if you follow Mr Olanders Smashwords link you can actually view an online sample of the beginning of his book. I’m sure the sample will give you an insight into the book as a whole.

  2. Sally

    hoping youll have more of ur own news soon

  3. TemptingSweets99

    Thanks for the heads up on Stephen Olander and “Crossing New Horizons”.

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