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Thanks to the wonderful Ether Books mobile App, selected excerpts of  “The Modesty Ablaze Diaries” are now available for you to read directly on your mobile phone.

Download the FREE Ether App for your iPhone from here . . . or for your Smart Phone from here . . . and once installed, simply click on the “Discover” search tab at the top of the screen. Select Erotica from the drop-down selection list and search for  Modesty Ablaze.

I currently have three extracts from my Diaries available from Ether:

A Naughty Surprise
I knew one shouldn’t play too close to home, but Scot was only my second lover. I’d met him on the morning school run and with my new-found ‘freedom’ I just couldn’t resist. I knew it was dangerous and risky. What if the other Mums noticed our playground glances and private jokes? But we couldn’t control ourselves. Three or four ours at a nearby hotel, summer blanket-nights in the local park, or an afternoon duvet-day at his or mine. So his call that he was home-alone was too good to miss!

Arrivals & Departures
Vince was the unlikeliest of all her lovers. Almost half her age, and seconded to her department on a temporary placement from the Paris office. The CEO had asked that he be made welcome to develop a higher European profile for the company. Her initial upset at being given this responsibility, was soon swayed by the young Frenchman’s charm, and, that lovely accent! For Katie and husband James, this latest affair was yet another catalyst to add further passion to their wonderful open-marriage.

The Balcony
Vince is Katie’s most recent lover. New in the office, and 20 years her junior. His candour and youthful charm has already taken Katie into new levels of excitement and passion. But tonight’s embrace on the balcony overlooking The Thames is just the start of an even wilder evening. An evening that ends with an exciting confession to make to her husband James when she returns home.

And . . . if you tell me you like them, I will be sure to add more. Oh !!! and yes the same FREE EXTRAS will apply.

So please be sure to visit the Ether Books site and download me today . . . it will almost be as though I am just a phone call away!!!

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