Part Two of My Cougar Moment – “The Morning After” with Lover No.6

The three of us lay cuddling together after our explosions . . . talking and kissing . . . and stroking and giggling with that soft warm feeling of complete relaxation that I always feel after such a wonderful orgasm. It was so relaxing that I had obviously quickly dozed off into a deep sleep (after Part One of My Cougar Moment).

I awoke with the sound of the bedroom door closing and the mattress moving gently as Hubby snuggled back into bed beside me. On the other side of me I could feel the soft warmth of No.6, laying face down into the pillow, snoring quietly and peacefully. I grinned back at Hubby and leant across to kiss his lips as he stroked my shoulder.

“It’s light outside” I whispered, as I could see daylight faintly behind the curtains. He nodded “that’s because it’s gone 7 in the morning!” he whispered back. I giggled as he told me I must have been so “exhausted” that I’d fallen asleep within minutes of rolling away from No.6 last night.

We continued kissing and as Hubby started stroking his hands over my nipples I couldn’t help but begin to slowly moan and turn more onto my side to respond to his caresses. I reached my hand down over his chest and cupped my palm around his growing erection. Our twisting and muffled moans soon woke No.6 and I felt him sitting up next to me. I pulled away from Hubby and turned to look up at my young lover grinning down at me. “Morning” I giggled . . . and reached up to pull his face down to mine.

His wonderful kissing stifled my rising moans for a few moments as I pulled him down next to me. His tongue was warm and wet and curling around my own, and as Hubby’s hands continued caressing and squeezing my nipples, I felt myself swooning and rubbing myself against No.6’s leg. He lifted himself away from my mouth and slid his lips down to my breasts. At the same time, I felt Hubby’s hands gently opening my legs and sliding down between them. 6 was sucking and licking from one nipple to the other as I stroked my fingers through his hair and guided his head from left to right and back again. I felt Hubby kneeling in between my legs and then his tongue licking down over me, sliding deliciously in between my lips and flicking up and down. He lifted his mouth away for a moment to say “God you’re wet!!!” before sucking down over me again.

I groaned with the excitement of what was happening to me. Lifting my young lovers face up to mine to kiss him passionately and suck his hot tongue into my mouth again while at the same time feeling the palms of his hands scraping across my nipples . . . and Hubby’s mouth and tongue hungrily licking and sucking at my clit. My muffled groans were getting louder and louder as I enjoyed 6’s wonderful kisses and I felt myself shuddering as Hubby lifted himself up spreading my legs wider and then pushing himself straight into me.

No.6 moved further up the bed next to me, still kissing me and still squeezing my nipples as Hubby began thrusting harder into me. I had to pull away from 6’s embrace gasping out “oh fucking hell, I love that” as Hubby’s pumping got faster and faster. “Squeeze my tits again” I groaned to 6, trying to reach over to find his cock. He was hard . . . it felt wonderful as I gripped it in my hand and stroked it up and down in time with Hubby’s continued thrusting into me. I managed to twist over slightly to get my other hand onto 6’s hip and pull him up the bed towards my mouth. “I want your cock here” I told him as I guided him into my mouth. I had to pull away momentarily to almost cry out “oh fuck, oh fuck” as Hubby’s pumping seemed to get even harder. I muffled my own gasps as I slid my mouth over 6’s cock again. Sucking my lips over him, and gulping my mouth up and down as Hubby continued to pound.

I heard Hubby gasping out as he came, holding my hips and thrusting with shuddering strokes . . . and then shaking to a stop. I lifted my mouth away and then pulled 6 down onto me as Hubby rolled off and collapsed down onto the bed beside us. I could feel 6’s hardness rubbing down over my tummy as we adjusted our embrace and I pulled him onto me. We cuddled together kissing and fondling as Hubby lay next to us face down on the bed saying “amazing, just amazing” over and over again.

Feeling 6’s hands, stroking over my arms and tummy and up to my nipples, continued my arousal which had been temporarily interrupted by Hubby’s coming. I sat up and pushed him down onto his back so that he was laying next to Hubby who had now also turned over onto his back. I squeezed in between them stroking them both at the same time . . . 6’s hard erection in my left hand, Hubby’s warm but flaccid cock in my right. He was grinning up at me and nodded his head towards 6 saying “Yes, I know he’s impressive sweetheart”. We all laughed and I leant forward to kiss Hubby as I told him “yours felt quite impressive a few minutes ago”.

I continued stroking Hubby, and heard him gasp, as I leant down and sucked 6’s cock into my mouth again. It felt even harder than it had when Hubby had been fucking me a few minutes before. As I sucked right down onto it I could feel it almost gag my throat as I pushed my mouth onto him as far as I could go. I brought my lips right back up to the head to curl my tongue around the tip and then suck down onto him again. I could feel him twisting and moaning under me now. Hubby pulled himself away from my other hand and, not letting my mouth pull away from 6’s wonderful cock, I knelt myself in between his legs.

I felt Hubby tapping me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes and lifted myself away from my sucking for a moment to see him handing me a condom. I placed it with my fingers on the tip of 6’s head and then leant forward again with my lips to roll the rest of it down over 6’s cock with my mouth. I heard, and felt, him gasping and twitching under me. I shuffled forwards, lifting myself up and holding his cock in my hand until I felt its head rubbing under me. It felt absolutely glorious as I pushed myself down onto it . . . feeling his hardness pushing up into me. I leant forward to kiss him as his hands ran down my back and I felt them cupping the cheeks of my bottom. As our tongues swirled around each others I felt him begin to thrust up against me and I responded by pushing my hips down to meet his upward strokes. He pulled his mouth away from mine and pushed his palms against my breasts pushing me up into a sitting position again as he continued to thrust his hips up against me. I was loving the feeling, and gasping out “oh, that’s naughty” as he dropped his hands to my knees and began to pump faster. I responded by lifting up and then pushing back down on him and twisting my hips in a swivelling motion as I met his thrusts.

Hubby had sat up off the bed now, and I felt him moving around to kneel behind us and reach around to squeeze my breasts as he leant forward to kiss my neck . Although I enjoy any position with a hard cock inside me, I’m not normally able to climax sitting astride someone . . . but the sensation of having my favourite lover beneath me thrusting upwards whilst Hubby was kissing me from behind and pinching my nipples and whispering into my ear “incredible, incredible” . . . was just too much. I heard myself screaming out “fuck me . . . oh, fucking hell” and as Hubby slid his hands down to my hips to grind me further into the thrusts of 6, I just exploded with massive shudders and fell forward into 6’s arms before rolling off to his side and pulling myself into him. I was still gasping and shuddering as I felt Hubby lay down behind me and had to shake my head to brush his attempted kisses away as the spasms continued to ripple through me.

We lay together again for some time . . . me recovering and shaking my head and refusing to answer the questions from both Hubby and No.6 as they asked if I was alright. I giggled as Hubby said “that must have woken the neighbours” and 6 told me how “beautiful” it was to hear someone enjoying themselves so much.

An hour or so passed with each of us excusing ourselves to the bathroom, and then returning to cuddle into one another again and tell each other how “bizarre but beautiful” this all was. I could feel 6 against my thigh growing hard again as we continued to kiss and gently stroke each other. “It’s your turn now” I said as I sat up and playfully pulled at his erection. I pushed him over onto his back again and slid back down the bed to suck his wonderful cock into my mouth again. I loved the feel of it’s warmth and hardness as I sucked up and down. I cupped his balls with one hand as I increased the speed of my sucking and licking. He kept trying to reach under me and slide his hands down onto my nipples again. I kept trying to shrug his hands away by twisting my shoulders and using my arms to push his hands away . . . but Hubby decided to join us on the bed again and pulled me up towards the pillows, saying “I think he wants to play with you again sweetheart”. My protests were futile and short-lived as I gasped with arousal again as 6’s fingers slid easily into my wetness. I rested back against Hubby’s chest as his hands cupped under my breasts and he lifted them up, offering my nipples to 6’s mouth as he leant forward into us.

The sensation of lying back in my husbands arms with my young lover crouched over us, sliding his fingers with ever faster strokes in and out of me whilst his lips were sucking from one nipple to the other had me crying out with louder and louder gasps and moans. “God, you’re dribbling wet” I heard 6 saying to me as he lifted away from my breasts to kiss me. I groaned with the delight of it all, and reached down to pull his fingers out and up to my mouth “let me taste it then” I told him . . . and sucked them into my mouth.

“Can I fuck you again?” he asked.

“Oh, please . . . please!!!” I moaned as I let his fingers go and lay back further into Hubby’s arms and tilted my head back to search for his lips. “I love it!” I whispered as he leant forward to kiss me. I felt him lifting me back further into him, his hands sliding in under my armpits . . . almost as though he was opening me up and inviting my lover into me.

I opened my eyes for a moment to watch 6 sliding the condom onto himself this time . . . and then groaned loudly again as he knelt back onto the bed and shuffled forward between my legs. I was reaching back over my head, grasping Hubby’s shoulders as I felt 6 spreading my legs and thrusting forwards. His thrusts were glorious as we ground against each other, him pumping into me, me throwing my hips against him wanting to feel every thrust, and Hubby locking his arms across my chest from behind. We were all crying out and gasping together . . . and hearing 6 coming again as he thrust into me and fell forwards onto his hands, sent me into more massive shudders of my own. I couldn’t roll onto my side as I normally would, as 6 had fallen over me and Hubby was still cradling me from behind, rocking me from side to side. I was gasping out and trying to push myself out and away from the arms and legs entangling me. Eventually we all managed to roll ourselves into our own comfort zones, somehow relaxing into our own positions and yet cuddling and holding each other at the same time.

Being served breakfast in bed, two hours later by two naked waiters, was just the perfect end to a perfect sleepover . . .

(With apologies for another such a long post!)


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7 Responses to Part Two of My Cougar Moment – “The Morning After” with Lover No.6

  1. TemptingSweets99

    Please never apologize for the length of your stories. Write as the spirit moves you. You have sexy, hot stories to tell and readers to enjoy it. This latest story has me wondering why I don’t have sleepovers like this. 🙂 I found this post a delicious Sunday read. Thanks! Happy writing!

  2. Sally

    ur so sexy. i always cum before the end of every story. so sexy so envius of everything u do.

  3. This was a very sexy threesome, but it’s all the other moments that were so hot and inspiring too. It’s the relationship all three of you have together that is so nice. It’s how you were in your husband’s arms while 6 was pleasuring you that made it so hot to me.

  4. 5572

    Wow! Hot stuff and cant wait for more

  5. Stefan

    Brilliant again. Worth waiting for this and desperate to read more new stories. I loved your book as well and want to know if there are anymore

  6. Stella

    Your tweet has me excited so when will we hear about your fun with lover 6?

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