Such a lovely time at Eroticon 2013

EroticonMar213I had such a wonderful time at Eroticon 2013 last weekend here in London.

It was the first event of it’s kind that I have ever been to and I must admit that I was initially so nervous about being amongst so many of the writers and bloggers that I have been reading and following on-line over the past year.

But Hubby and I met so many welcoming and friendly people, that we soon felt perfectly at ease amongst like minded visitors from all over the UK, Europe and America.

My decision to book for the conference initially was simply as a fan, just to meet and listen. (My own E-books, and my posts here, are actual extracts from my diary so I’ve never really considered myself to be an author . . . and I didn’t see myself as a sex-blogger either . . . though of course lots of people told me that I am!!!). So my reason for attending was just to be amongst people that I admired for being able to express all their thoughts and visions and experiences, so vividly and imaginatively.

But to discover that so many of the people I revere and look up to,  are such nice and genuine (and yes everybody . . . NORMAL !!!) individuals . . . was truly, truly special and motivational.

The sessions I attended were all, without exception, fun and interesting and have made me realise how much more I need to edit and personalise my own writing. (Even as a “diarist” rather than an “author”).

So, (with special big kisses to Ian Jade and Rose Monrou) it was so lovely to meet such inspirational and talented people as Molly, Mina, Ruby Kiddell, Harper  Elliott, Curious Muse, Ruby Goodnight . . . and so many more.

Just can’t wait until next year !!!!

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  1. It was so wonderful to meet both of you. I am delighted you had such a lovely time. It can be very daunting coming to an event like this for the first time but next time you will no longer be doing it for the first time… does that make you a pro!? 😉


  2. TemptingSweets99

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

  3. Still waiting for your Part 2 about having sex with a young guy, in a three-some session!

    • Yes, Part 2 will follow as soon as I can. It’s just been so, so busy these past few weeks!!! (LOL!!). Oh, and anyway, I have to edit Part 2 to make it shorter don’t I ???

  4. Awww it was lovely to meet you as well! *hugs*

  5. It was a pleasure to meet you both too. We didn’t seem to crossover much on the sessions so I was sorry not to have the chance to chat again. Will tweet you a link to check the other events I mentioned on Friday evening. x

  6. I so badly wanted to go to this conference! I was waiting to hear if anyone [I knew] went. Yay. I’d love to hear more about your experience. Next year I am going for sure! Very big trip for me, but worth it I suspect. xo

  7. It was wonderful to meet you too! See you next year!

  8. Had a fabulous time, and it was so lovely talking to you both! I adore the picture, by the way!

  9. It sounds like you and everyone else had a great time there! I really want to try to go next year. 🙂

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