PART ONE of My Cougar moment . . . Lover No.6 sleeps over

My first five lovers were all of a similar age to myself. I’d met them either through work (office colleagues or working for a client) or, in one case, on the morning school walk! They were all from similar backgrounds and circumstances . . . apart from our “open relationship” circumstances of course.

It wasn’t until our first few Swingers Club visits that the opportunity of “playing” with someone much younger than myself arose. To suddenly be approached by younger, much younger, men was at first, hugely flattering . . . and THEN, hugely arousing!!! And Hubby seemed to love it as well.

But although I found myself so excited by the attention, I was at first, far too nervous to indulge any of the obvious interest I was receiving. We’d chat to them politely and I’d turn to Hubby and whisper “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say, or do”. He’d laugh and tell me to “just be yourself and let it happen as it normally does”. And afterwards, when we returned home, our lovemaking would explode in a huge burst of passion as pictures of my young, would-be suitors, flashed through my mind.

It was several months, and several more visits to The Club, before “it” eventually happened. Perhaps the chemistry was just right that particular evening, perhaps I’d had just the right amount of wine, or perhaps it was his cheekiness or assuredness. But having spent 30 minutes at the bar chatting to a simply gorgeous looking young man, my giggling nervousness slowly gave way to a surging rush of excitement as he . . . eventually . . . took my hand and led me off to the “mirror-room”. (Hubby and I call it the mirror-room because although it has a private lockable door, the large mirror above the end of the bed is actually a one-way window which can be looked into from one of the main play rooms). I was wet, and tingling, even before I lay back on the bed . . . and the next 30 or 40 minutes was an amazing experience of just letting myself go in waves of emotion and lust. I was fucking someone almost young enough to be my son . . . and he was loving me, loving my body, telling me how beautiful I was. And I was loving it, loving every thrust, every squeeze, every push, every moment . . . and every climax!

That night was undeniably a life-changing moment for me. Not only having wildly passionate sex with a virtual stranger, but knowing that a young, good-looking, well-mannered and confident young man could find me sexy and exciting was so arousing and flattering that I wanted more!! And over the next few months I was lucky enough to meet several more “gorgeous young men” (My New Young Lover) . And one of them has become a very special new friend indeed. Genuine, charming, intelligent and easy-going. Someone whom you can enjoy having endless conversations with (as well as wanting them to shag you silly!!). And he gets on very well with Hubby. So well in fact that we agreed we’d like to spend more time with each other outside of the club-environment. We started meeting him at a local hotel and then when we had the opportunity of the house to ourselves for the first time since Christmas both Hubby and I looked at each other and simultaneously said “shall we invite No.6 ??” (Actually No.6 is not the 6th of my lovers, just the 6th I’d met at the Club). He’d stayed overnight with us on previous occasions at the hotel and I was so excited at now having the chance of waking up in my own, more comfy, bed between two naked men.

We agreed that Hubby would pick him up from the station, but my excitement as I was sorting through outfits to wear when he walked through the door was apparently so obvious that Hubby said “why don’t you drive down and meet him. Just wear your stockings and coat!” I laughed at the outrageousness of his suggestion at first, but was so aroused by the thought that I said “Do you dare me?” I had taken a short taxi journey in a similar state-of-dress before, . . . but driving to the station, parking the car and walking a few hundred yards to wait in a public ticket hall/escalator exit area . . . was a completely different thing altogether!

It was dark, but early evening, so there were lots and lots of people coming and going from the station as I parked the car in the station car park. He’d sent a text just before he’d got on at his stop so I knew approximately how long his journey would take and what time he would probably be coming up the escalator. But he still thought it was Hubby who would be meeting him, so I wanted to be there and waiting for him when he arrived.

My wait seemed much longer than the five minutes it actually was, and I was sure that every person that passed and glanced at me as I stood just inside the main exit, could surely tell I was virtually naked beneath my long grey coat. I was tingling so much with nervousness . . . and excitement . . . that I imagined I must be visibly trembling and shaking. It certainly felt like I was!!!

He smiled broadly as I saw him step off the escalator and his eyes met mine. I stepped forward to meet him and as we exchanged a brief welcoming kiss I wondered if he could sense, or feel, my nakedness beneath my single layer of clothing. “What a pleasant surprise” he said, “I thought J was going to be picking me up.”

I giggled and replied, “No, I’ve left him laying the table for some snacks”. I took his hand and led him round the corner to the car park. I could feel my nipples scraping against the fabric of my coat as we walked. It was cold, but I knew it was much more than the chilly night that was making them so erect and so sensitive. I activated the unlocking from my key-fob as we approached the car, but I waited until he’d opened his door and slid into the passenger seat before quickly releasing my belt, as I opened my own door, to let the coat fall open as I sat down into the drivers seat. He gasped out loud “Oh my God. You walked to the station dressed like . . .” I leant across to stifle his words with my first, proper, kiss of the night. His hands slid into my open coat, squeezing over my straining nipples and we were immediately twisting and embracing one another with passionate and gasping kisses. He pulled his lips away from mine for a moment to lean down to suck at my nipples. I pulled his head into me pushing my tits against him for a few seconds before sitting back and telling him “come on, lets go home before we get arrested”. The short drive home was difficult to concentrate on as he wanted to slide the coat down off my shoulders and stroke and caress over my tummy and down to my lap . . . all the while telling me how “amazing” it was to be picked-up in such a way.

I wrapped the coat back around me as we parked the car, but let it fall open again as we walked down the path to our front door. “You can kiss me again if you like” I said as I rang the door bell, know that Hubby would love it as he opened the door to find us embracing on the door step. I closed the door behind me as Hubby and No.6 shook hands and greeted one another. I slipped off my coat and handed it to Hubby as I stepped past them, “could you hang that up for me sweetheart whilst I go and pour the wine”. I heard No.6 gasping again “she’s incredible” as I walked away down the corridor, naked now except for my black hold-ups and black heels . . . and grateful for the sound of my footsteps on the floor as I was so wet I felt I must be squelching with every step.

We sat sipping our wine, No.6 on the sofa next to me and Hubby bringing in several platters of snacks from the kitchen to place on the coffee table before sitting down opposite us in his usual armchair. I stroked 6’s knee occasionally as we chatted for ten minutes or so, before finally feeling it would have to me who would be the first one to break that awkward first “polite conversation moments” that always seem to occur on occasions like these. “Come on you two” I giggled, “I’m the only one who is undressed”. I leant across to kiss him again, this time stroking my hand over his cheek and then round behind his head as I felt his tongue meeting mine. We twisted into one another again, this time without the restriction of a steering wheel and handbrake between us. I began to moan as I felt one hand reaching up to squeeze at my tits whilst his other reached round behind me and stroked down my back. As our embrace became more passionate I began unbuttoning his shirt and then down to his belt. We continued kissing and stroking at each other as I guided his shirt off each shoulder and felt his arms pull away from me long enough to extract himself from his sleeves.

Having unbuckled his belt I lifted myself up off the sofa to drop down onto my knees on the floor in front of him and help slide his trousers from under him as he lifted his hips up off the seat. I pulled his trousers, and pants, down over his knees together, moaning “oh that’s lovely”, as his wonderful cock wobbled and lifted upwards from his lap. I pulled off his socks and dropped them onto the floor behind me before leaning forward and kissing him teasingly on the inside of his thighs. First on the left, then on the right. Then back to the left, moving higher and flicking my tongue against his skin there before moving across to the right again. He reached forwards trying to lift me back up onto the sofa, but I gently shrugged his hands away and kissed higher, leaning further forwards and kissing from left to right and back again. His cock was standing fully erect now, that wonderful head just inviting me to . . . lean further forward still . . .

He gasped as I slid my lips down over him and pushed my hands against his hips, pushing him back against the seat of the sofa. He willingly spread his knees wider now as I lifted myself further forward, sucking slowly up and down on the warm hardness in my mouth. I lifted away for a moment to tell him “I’ve missed your wonderful cock so much” before licking my tongue around its head and then engulfing him again. I continued my sucking up and down for several more minutes before he slid his hands under my armpits and started lifting me upwards more insistently now. I let him pull me up onto his lap and heard myself groaning loudly as I felt his shaft rubbing against me. My groans were muffled for a moment as we kissed again and I felt his tongue pushing against mine, swirling around in my mouth as he twisted under me. I glanced back over my shoulder to see Hubby, naked now too, sitting forward on the edge of his chair. I reached my hand out towards him, motioning with my fingers to let him know what I needed. He stood and moved off towards the kitchen, returning a minute later to hand me the condom and whispering “it’s beautiful” as I lifted myself up to roll it down over 6’s gorgeous cock. We seemed to adjust our positions almost involuntarily as I straddled myself over his lap and then felt that glorious first push upwards into me. We rocked against each other gently as we continued our kissing, slowly increasing the tempo of him thrusting up inside me, and of me twisting and pushing back down against him. His hands had slid down to hold and guide the rhythm of my hips now and I had mine on his shoulders to steady myself against his wonderfully increasing thrusts from beneath me. I pulled away from our embrace and lifted my head back, “Oh fuck, I love it.” And then “yes suck them” as he leant forward to suck his lips over my left nipple. I leant further backwards on him and brought my hands down to my tits, squeezing them together to swivel them from left to right across his mouth, alternating his sucking from one nipple to the other.

My moans were getting ever more louder as we fucked against each other and I felt myself getting closer and closer. There’s just something so liberating about being able to really let oneself go in the comfort of ones own home . . . and as it came I knew I was gasping out “fucking, fucking coming” with huge screams as I locked my arms around him and buried my face into his shoulder as I shuddered and shook with the waves sweeping through me. We stayed cradled together, motionless save for the gentle spasms of my after-shocks, for several minutes before I was conscious of him trying to carefully slide away from beneath me. I twisted off his lap and collapsed on my back into the corner of the sofa, giggling as he pulled the condom off himself and Hubby stepped forward again to take the (empty) rubber from our guest. “He’s so well trained isn’t he?” I teased . . . only for 6 to chastise me for being “rude”. Hubby and I laughed together, as he said to 6 “it’s quite alright, I do know my place, I’m always clearing up after her”.

We continued our teasing as Hubby returned to top up our wine glasses . . . and I reached forward to stroke his own cock which was wobbling in front of me. “Ooohh, two stiff men to play with” I teased as I nodded my head towards 6 sitting next to me and still hard enough for his cock to be stretching upwards from his lap.

“Why don’t we move upstairs so we can all be more comfortable” Hubby suggested.

“Oh, yes lets” I said, standing up and reaching for each of their erections, “you bring the wine darling, I’ve got my hands full”.

The bed certainly did feel more comfy as I lay back onto the covers pulling 6 gently onto the bed beside me. I sat back against the pillows propped up against the headboard and sipped my wine as 6 knelt over me and started stroking his hand up and down over my thigh. I was soon moaning again as I opened my legs and guided his hand with my own free hand up to my pussy. Hubby knelt down on the other side of me and I passed my glass to him as I slid myself down the bed slightly. 6 moved down with me and shifted to kneel between my legs now, leaning forward to flick his tongue across my pussy lips and then lick deliciously in-between. I stretched my head back further into the pillows and reached out to slide my arm around Hubby’s back and pull him in closer. “Suck my tits” I commanded him as I felt myself getting carried away again with the wetness between my legs and 6’s tongue flicking over and over my clit.

“Oh, god” I gasped out as I felt 6’s fingers sliding into me beneath his still licking tongue, and at the same time Hubby’s sucking my tingling nipples from one breast to the other. I could feel 6’s fingers sliding faster and faster and my hips wanting to push back against them. “Can you fuck me again” I groaned out, pulling Hubby up to kiss him and take his face in my hands. He was returning my kisses with as much passion as I was feeling, and I felt him shuddering and moaning too as I whispered in between kisses, “I love him fucking me”.

I felt 6 get up off the bed, so pulled Hubby into a tighter embrace and moaning as I felt his hand stroking down over my stomach to slide his own fingers into me where 6’s fingers had been just moments before.

6 knelt back onto the bed and I felt his hands lifting my legs up, first just up to his hips as he shuffled forwards . . . and then as Hubby’s fingers pulled away with a wonderful sliding sensation, I gasped out loud again as 6 suddenly lifted my legs higher and up to rest on his shoulders as he pushed forwards into me.

“Oh I love that” I moaned loudly as I felt that wonderful cock pushing into me . . . so deeply, as he lifted me up by my ankles, and pumped into me with rhythmic thrusts and strokes. Hubby describes the motions of his bum as like “a piston” (Balcony Members who have seen my video from a previous hotel evening will know what he means) . . . and with that thought flashing through my mind as he stroked I could hear myself crying out again and coming almost straightaway with loud gasps and crying out “don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me . . . ohhh fuck me”. I had one hand grasping up to try and support my calves as he continued to pump into me, and with the other hand I was, apparently, squeezing Hubby’s fingers so tightly that they started to go numb and he had to pull his hand away. I reached that hand up instead to grasp my other calf, and continued crying out with the exertion of each thrust. He hadn’t stopped, just slowed and lowered my legs a little before increasing his thrusts and strokes. I felt myself coming again, this time crying out with such gasps and shudders that he came out completely for a moment. He lowered my legs back down flat onto the bed, but then pushed himself forwards to lie over me, sliding his mouth up to suck at my right breast whilst Hubby was sucking and squeezing the left.

I gasped out again, “oh no” as I felt 6 shuffling and twisting over me again, spreading my legs out wider and then pushing himself forwards into me. “Oh fucking hell” I was crying out. I could feel my wetness engulfing his cock again, wet enough to know he was sliding easily into me, but sensitive still to feel his hardness and feel his thrusting. His own breathing was becoming heavier and more pronounced now, and I could sense and then feel his thrusting getting faster and stronger now as well.

It’s not just the physical sensations of a lover coming inside me that I love so much, but that whole feeling of satisfaction and achievement that rushes over me as I feel and hear him gasping and thrusting to his climax. I LOVE it, I really LOVE it . . . and to feel his orgasm arriving with such force and expression often sends me spiralling off into more shuddering of my own. We rocked from side to side as I felt his weight above me relaxing and his thrusts slowly subsiding. I squeezed him into me with my arms around his back and kissed his neck as we lay still.

Our recovery moment was eventually disturbed by my feeling a dampness spreading under my left shoulder. Too wet, and too much, to be us sweating from our exertions, I lifted up to realise it was obviously from Hubby’s own enjoyment as he’d been kneeling beside us on the bed. I’d been too carried away to notice him coming as we’d been fucking next to him. And now it was spreading and dribbling uncomfortably under my shoulder as he lay collapsed onto the pillows above us.

6 lifted up and extricated himself from me . . . his bag completely full this time . . . as I sat up exclaiming to Hubby “Tissues please!!!”

I shuffled myself across to allow Hubby to clean up, and welcomed 6 back to the bed cuddling him into me with kisses and telling him “That was lovely, so lovely!!!”

Part Two – “The morning after” will follow in a future post . . . If you are interested of course???

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  1. Yes of course I’m interested!! Pretty please?

  2. TemptingSweets99

    I second filledandfooled’s request — “Pretty please?”

  3. sally

    so worth the wait. i love how you meet him. ur so sexy xxx wish i had life like you do. cant wait for part 2 please please XXXX

  4. Cleo

    As amazing as ever. Yes more please.

  5. Stefan

    I found your blog on EP and have to say it is the most erotic I have ever read. Have spent hours reading every page without wanting to leave. The best writing anywhere I’ve seen. Have just brought your book and can’t stop it. Am desperate for the conclusion of this story as well.

  6. 5572

    WOw. Hot story more more more.

  7. Stella

    You have such a wonderful relationship incredibly wonderful. I agree about the writing as well. Its so exciting and like being in the same room. Like everyone else I just can’t wait for Part II.

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments. It is always flattering to have people say such nice things.
    Yes, I do know I am lucky to have such a loving and fulfilling marriage and that it just gets better and better.
    And yes, I promise to try and post here more often . . . and particularly about Part Two.
    With best wishes – Modesty

  9. lovingcouple2

    Brilliant blog and extremely well written. How do we see the video you mentioned in your story?

  10. lovingcouple2 . . . Thank you for the compliment. There is some information about access to my Private Videos from “MY E-BOOKS” Page (from the link tabs at the top). Just scroll down to the “Free Extras” paragraph.

  11. Very impressing! You write so well. Though your post is long, I didn’t fall asleep halfway while reading this on a Friday afternoon. Have a nice fucking weekend!

    • . . . I’ve never had anyone mention about my posts being too long before. But I was at the Eroticon Conference in London on the weekend and someone else mentioned that too. SO . . . I do know I need to “trim” my posts a bit. I will try to do that for future updates!!!

  12. Oh Lordy, Girlfriend, that is ridiculously HOT. The part that makes my stomach writhe with desire is the coming inside of you bit. There’s nothing I love more – it just destroys me! Alas, it’s off the table for us. One of those hard limits of my husband’s. Such a party pooper. >:-(

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