New Photos Christmas treat for my “Modesty Balcony” members !!!

The Modesty Diaries - Pt 3 The BalconyI’ve just added several new photos to my “Private Balcony Members only” page.

They’re not actually “Christmassy” (LOL !!!) . . . but I thought I’d upload them as a very-naughty special Christmas treat for my Balcony Members.

If you are not yet a member, BOTH my Diary E-Books are still on-sale for just 99c each at my SMASHWORDS authors page (see the Discount Coupon Voucher links below).

Purchase even just one of the books and email me your details to qualify for FREE Password Access to my “Private Balcony Members only” page. It’s easy, AND Free, to create a Smashwords account, and you can download the books in any Ebook format (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Adobe PDF etc. etc.)

And yes, the photos ARE all of me (with a number of different lovers) . . . and there is also a short video clip as well.

Oh, and to answer another question that I am often asked, yes the cover picture on both books is also me. I know it’s not exactly a professionally designed book cover, but I hope you will agree that it makes my books more “personal” in a way. You can even request a personalised, digital “Autograph” (click after purchase) from me to be added to your Ebook if you prefer to purchase it from my Amazon authors page.

I hope you will all enjoy a wonderfully fun, happy, peaceful . . . and sexciting . . . Christmas and a healthy and eventful New Year.

Thank you so much for continuing to visit me here . . . and for all of your comments and emails.

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  1. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013

  2. TemptingSweets99

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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