Bound and forced to please . . .

Modesty BoundIt had been several months since our night-at-home with Lover No.5. He’d texted incessantly over the following two weeks insisting he had “more to show me”. I’d loved the experience of course and certainly wanted to see him again, but busy end of summer “vanilla” and family events and then meeting our new couple, meant we never seemed to find a mutually convenient time.

His texts became less frequent, but then two weeks ago we met him by chance at The Club again. He was otherwise engaged with a partner, as were we, (but that’s for another post LOL!!!) but we chatted at the bar on several occasions and when I mentioned that we would have the house to ourselves again the following weekend he said, in a flash, that he was also “free to please”.

Hubby had been talking about inviting our new couple friends but I hadn’t actually made the call yet. As No.5 was led away again by his partner I looked up at Hubby and he laughed and said “I can tell by the look in your eyes you want to see him again”.

The week passed quickly with several texts back and forth just to confirm we were each still interested and it was agreed he would arrive at 9 p.m.

I’d been soaking in the bath for almost an hour, with Hubby topping up my wine glass, when he popped his head around the door again and said it had just gone 8. I swore at him that “I haven’t even picked out my outfit yet, why didn’t you tell me earlier? I haven’t even done my nails yet!”

The next hour was spent frantically stepping between wardrobe and mirror, before finally settling on just black hold-ups and heels and a loose cotton black dress. Normally I would have worn a blouse or cami beneath as the wrap-around neckline plunges low at the front, but going without seemed more appropriate. Hubby nodded his approval and, as we stood embracing by the bed, told me he loved the feel of his hands stroking over my back and bottom feeling “nothing but you underneath”. I could tell from the passion of his kissing and fondling that his anticipation level was as excited as my own. He left me to finish my make-up and went downstairs to set up drinks and nibbles.

No.5 arrived almost exactly on time and after welcoming cuddles in the hallway we sat in our lounge for 30 minutes sipping and chatting. Hubby finally asked “what have you got in your bag this time”. No.5 laughed and said “if you take me upstairs I’ll show you”.

We all sat on the end of the bed as he unpacked first his whip that he’d introduced me to last time, and then to my gasps and giggles, a smacking paddle, a black mask and two huge coils of red and purple rope. I picked up the rope, it felt silky and actually quite soft and pleasant to the touch. “I’m not sure I’m ready for being tied-up you know”. He didn’t answer but pulled me up to my feet at the end of the bed and pulled me into an engulfing embrace. He gasped as he ran his hands down over my bottom “You feel so warm and smooth under that dress. I don’t feel any knickers!” And then as he ran his hands back round to my breasts my already hard and erect nipples made it obvious there also wasn’t anything between them and the fabric of my dress. I was already moaning quietly from the probing tongue of his kiss and the caress of his hands, but then gasped more loudly as he reached down my back and lifted my dress up over my head. He passed the dress across to Hubby exclaiming “My god I’d forgotten just how beautiful you are”. I was about to answer him to stop being silly but could only gasp loudly as he reached out with both hands to pinch at my nipples. He pulled me gently by the nipples into the centre of the bedroom, releasing his pinching grip and then running one hand down over my tummy and one down over my bottom, telling me to “stand perfectly still now”. He stood back, saying again “just beautiful” and then moved behind me towards the bed. I turned to see him picking up the first rope. He snapped at me “I said stand still, not to move!”. Suddenly I felt him pull my arms from my side to cross them over behind my back and the rope wrapping around my wrists. I turned my head again, “oohh I’m not sure about having my hands tied!”. He stopped for a moment to kiss me on the back of the neck and said “don’t worry, I won’t do anything that’s going to hurt you. You can tell me to stop whenever you want me to”. Hubby had moved in front of me with his camera and said “Don’t stop him yet. He’s only just started!”. I swore at him “it’s all very well for you.”

I suddenly felt No.5’s hands on my head turning it back to look at him again. “I think we need to make you concentrate on events at hand more” he said before placing the mask over my head. He pulled it tightly down over my eyes. “What can you see?” Hubby asked. “Nothing, it’s fucking pitch-black” I hissed back at him. My wrists were suddenly pulled tighter together and the rope then run around my tummy. I tensed my arms and tried to move them apart but they were bound quite tightly together, and the rope winding for a second and third time around my stomach made me feel even more constrained. “Open your legs wider” No.5 instructed as his hand forced it’s way between them and I felt the rope pulling over the lips of my pussy for the first time. I gasped as the rope was wound up to the bands around my waist and I felt it being pushed through and then being pulled back down between my legs for a second time. The pulling sensation made me straighten my back and then a third and fourth loop seemed to follow . . . or was it just the sensation of the ropes being pushed and adjusted either side of my lips. “She’s so wet” I heard him say. And then I heard myself groaning loudly as a finger slid between my lips and felt it rubbing up to my clit, flicking over it deliciously for a moment. “God she is isn’t she!” I heard Hubby exclaim close in front of me and realised that it was his finger that had pushed over me and not No.5’s as I had assumed.

“Kneel down” I heard No.5 instructing me now and firm hands on each of my shoulders from behind pushing me down onto my knees. I felt the rope now being wound over my shoulder and down under my arms. “God how much more rope?” I gasped out as I felt my own wetness dripping between my legs as I tried to adjust myself more comfortably on my knees. “Don’t talk. No questions!” No.5 instructed as the rope wound tightly across the top of my chest and then quickly again under my breasts. I felt the rope being knotted behind my neck now and then a pulling motion. “Turn round, turn round on your knees” No.5 was telling me as he pulled firmly on the rope at the same time. I wanted to protest that it was difficult to manoeuvre on my knees and without any sense of vision but I remembered my instruction not to speak. I shuffled myself around on my knees following the direction of the pulling rope. He was twisting me around and then around again and I was losing my sense of position in the room. I could hear the clicking of Hubby’s camera and sense the flashes as he took picture after picture, but that only seemed to make me feel even more disorientated . . . and more exposed and more helpless.

The pulling stopped and two hands turned my head to the right. I suddenly felt the head of a cock pushing at my lips. I opened my mouth instinctively and sucked it’s length into me, moaning inside at the surprise and excitement of the suddenness of the erection being thrust into my mouth without knowing it had been about to happen. I had been expecting to feel myself being smacked or whipped . . . I hadn’t even thought about anything else!!!
I could feel myself so wet between my legs that I was consciously trying to squeeze my pussy lips together, rubbing them in gasping pleasure against the robes bound so tightly on either side of them. At the same time my head was being held firmly twisted to the side as the cock was thrust in and out. I tried to wrap my tongue around the head to try to guess if it was No.5 or Hubby mouth-fucking me with ever more vigorous strokes. Suddenly the cock was pulled away and my head swivelled to my right. I felt the head of another cock pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth willingly this time, flicking my tongue around the shape of it before it pushed forward towards my throat. I could tell from the familiar groan above me that this was Hubby sliding himself into me. I rocked my head back and forth on him as he thrust himself in and out. Suddenly, without warning, I felt a stinging smack across my right buttock. The shock and stinging sensation made me almost gag and choke on Hubby’s cock. Another smack from the paddle followed . . . on my other bum cheek this time . . . and then two more in quick succession. The hand on the back of my head forcing my mouth onto Hubby’s pumping cock meant I couldn’t gasp or cry out as I wanted to. I waited for more swipes, my bum tingling, almost burning from the sensation of No.5’s paddle . . . and the expectation of pain from more. But instead I suddenly felt fingers sliding gloriously between my lips, pulling back to pinch at my clit and then sliding back down again . . . and then pushing up inside. I wanted to be screaming out aloud with the ecstasy of what was happening, but with my mouth full and being pounded by Hubbys cock, I could hear myself snorting my groans through my nose, grunting in time with the fingers now thrusting in and out of me from below and the cock pumping into my mouth. Every sensation seemed to be heightened by the fact I couldn’t move my arms from behind my back, couldn’t see anything beneath the black of the mask and could hardly catch enough air between the furious strokes of the cock pumping in and out of my mouth. “God, she’s squirting all over me” I heard No.5 laughing with the delight of his achievements at my wetness.

My orgasm was so intense that I involuntarily bit down on the hardness thrusting in and out of my mouth. Hubby pulled away (in pain of his own he told me later!) and I felt myself falling forward for an instant . . . only the edge of the bed, and Hubby’s legs, stopping me from falling to the floor. His hands on my shoulders, and No.5’s on my hips, lifted me up and pushed me on my tummy onto the bed. I felt soothing kisses on my bum cheeks, and No.5’s hands caressing my calves and then down to my ankles. I was grateful to be able to moan with the pleasure and take in proper oxygen now that my mouth was empty.

I rested my head onto the pillow that I felt being slid under my chin and moaned with the feeling of two pairs of hands massaging my thighs and legs and ankles. Slowly re-discovering my power of speech, I turned my head and asked over my shoulder if I could be untied now. I felt two hands squeeze my ankles, “not yet beautiful, not yet.” His hands lifted each leg further apart, spreading them even wider when I at first tried to resist. Then fingers sliding up each side of my inner thighs and then straight to my lips again. I gasped out “Nooo!!! too soon”. “But you’re still so wet” he replied as his fingers slid inside me again. Hubby’s hands lifted my hips up off the bed and my legs were pushed forwards bringing me up onto my knees. The pace of his fingers began increasing with each stroke and I felt my bum cheeks being spread wider apart and a tongue licking down over me there. My gasps and groans weren’t being muffled now, and I knew my initial grunts of protest had turned to moans and gasps of passion and need. The rhythm of the fingers had slowed to wondrous, teasing, bursts and flicks . . . and the wet tongue pushing at my bottom had been replaced with something much firmer and more forceful. I moaned loudly as I felt what I thought was a finger pushing into me there (Hubby told me later it was No.5’s thumb). The fingers began thrusting and sliding quicker and quicker again, and the pressure of my bottom being pushed down against them was making me scream out with huge groans. I heard Hubby’s voice asking “what’s he doing to you sweetheart” . . . I managed to gurgle back “he’s fingering my cunt and my bum” before exploding with my second orgasm with such loud screams that I had to bury my face into the pillow.

They gave me more time to recover this time, lifting me and turning me more into the centre of the bed. I felt them both kissing me all over my back and shoulders and bottom . . . the mask being lifted up off my head and the knots being undone from around my wrists. In my state of exhaustion and recovery the feeling of the ropes being slowly unwound and pulled from under me was both glorious and relaxing. I felt exhausted and satisfied in a way that is impossible to properly describe . . . almost as though I wasn’t part of what had just happened, almost as though the pulling of the rope against my skin as each strand was unwound beneath my bodyweight wasn’t part of me . . . but it was. And it felt so calming and relaxing after the storm of the orgasms I had just experienced. Normally after coming, I would just roll onto my side or curl my knees up to my chest, or cuddle into the arms of my lover. But here I could only lie on my tummy, not even able to lift myself up slightly to allow the rope to slide away more easily beneath me. Only as the strands between my legs were slowly, ever-so-slowly, unwound from me, did I feel a sudden tingle of “oohh that’s nice, it is happening to me”.

As all the feeling to my arms and legs slowly returned, I opened my eyes to find them sitting, one on either side of me, telling each other how “beautiful and sexy she is”. This time I did manage to tell them to “stop being silly. You’re only saying that because you want to have your wicked way with me”. They both laughed in unison “We just have!!”

We lay together with No.5 telling us more about his “experiences” and how different people react in different ways to the feeling of being restrained and teased and smacked. It was obvious from the feeling of Hubby’s hardness resting against my thigh that he had found the experience arousing and exciting. I reached down between us to stroke his erection and then gasped as his hands caressed my nipples. He sat up beside me to first kiss me and then slide his lips down to my breasts. I felt hands on my legs again spreading my legs apart . . . and then No.5 licking his tongue from my ankle upwards. I couldn’t believe I was becoming aroused again so quickly after the massive orgasms I’d had in the previous hour.

I was moaning from the attention of two men licking at me from different ends. “Oh, suck them. Harder.” I whispered to Hubby as sucked from one nipple to the other. No.5’s tongue was sliding over my clit now and then sucking at me there too. “Oohh I need fucking now” I groaned.

I felt No.5 pull away and kneel forwards up on the bed next to me. Hubby lifted my legs up and knelt between them, rubbing the head of his cock over my button, pushing and sliding. No.5 leant forward to kiss me and stroke his hands over my nipples. I had to pull away and groan loudly as I felt Hubby pushing into me. I love that first feeling of a cock sliding inside. The push and the warmth of it pushing me apart and into the depth of me. I muffled my groans with No.5’s lips again as I felt Hubby thrusting slowly in and out and rocking against me. His thrusting was becoming stronger and faster . . . then pounding into me with such huge strokes that I had to pull away from my embrace with No.5 and call out to him “Oh God, gently, gently”. He slowed to his normal pace for a few strokes before stopping completely for a moment. “I didn’t mean you to stop” I said to him as I glanced anxiously up at him. But he was only re-adjusting, and he lifted my ankles up to his shoulders and then pushed back into me again. I rolled my head back and to one side with the feeling of him thrusting . . . this time, without my mask, I could see No.5 kneeling up closer to my shoulders, his own erection swaying in front of me. I reached over to stroke him and pull him closer, struggling to guide my mouth over him with the force of Hubby’s pumping into me. My groans were muffled once again as I had my mouth filled with another wonderfully hard erection.

Hubby was pounding into me more vigorously than I can ever remember him fucking me before . . . and knowing he was so carried away was making me come again. I had to pull my mouth away and roll my head backwards as I cried out “I’m coming, I’m coming” in an uncontrollable frenzy. As he pulled himself away from between my legs I gasped out with shuddering sighs and rolled over onto my side forgetting for a moment that I’d left No.5 kneeling beside me. I remembered again almost instantly as I felt them both sliding down beside me, each reaching over and cuddling against me from either side. We lay together for some time, whispering compliments to each other and exchanging kisses as I slowly recovered my senses yet again.

No.5 got up to excuse himself to the toilet and I sat up to accept a glass of wine from Hubby as he knelt back down onto the bed beside me. “Incredible” was all he said kissing me on my forehead and nose and cheeks. No.5 walked back into the room and stood by the side of the bed saying “I need to be heading for home”. I reached over and stroked him protesting “No, not yet. I’ve been very greedy! You can’t go yet!” He continued to stand next to the bed as I stroked his growing erection and laughed as I said “look at you, you won’t be able to drive home like that”. I pulled him gently by his cock up onto the bed beside me and leant forward to suck over him. I sucked down taking him completely into my mouth and then sliding my lips back up to his head again, flicking my tongue around and then down the ridge of his cock. I felt Hubby pulling me back by my shoulders and No.5 climbed back onto the bed kneeling between my legs. He accepted the condom that Hubby passed him and I watched him start to roll it over himself before Hubby’s embrace obscured my view. I felt his fingers sliding and stroking . . . and probing . . . and then that first wonderful push as he slid into me.

His stroking was much more rhythmic and controlled than Hubby’s had been 30 minutes earlier, but once again I felt myself swooning from the feelings of this wonderful stroking between my legs . . . and my husband’s warm and wet passionate kisses from the pillow next to me. Hubby continued squeezing and gently pinching at my nipples but pulled away from my kisses and moved further up the bed. I opened my eyes to see No.5 stretching his arms out on either side of me and arching his back as he stroked into me a little faster and firmer now. And I felt the warmth and hardness of Hubby’s erection as he rubbed it against my cheek and then pushed it towards my lips. I turned to let him slide himself into my mouth, groaning inside again as I heard both men start gasping and moaning quite loudly themselves. I wrapped my legs around No.5’s bum and grasped his arms tightly as I heard him coming, not loudly, but with that unmistakable gasp that a man makes as he explodes. I opened my eyes and twisted my head away from Hubby’s cock as I wanted to look up and see my lover’s face . . . I love that moment of watching a man as he comes inside me. At that same instant Hubby cried out with a loud gasp and I felt him splashing his cum over my cheek and then in more bursts over my neck and chest. I turned back and sucked his still shooting cock into my mouth to let him cry out in the enjoyment of those final spasms and the warmth of my mouth swallowing his last drops. He gasped even louder as he felt me swallowing . . . and as we both heard No.5 telling us “that is just beautiful” from his position of still crouching above us.

We all collapsed onto our sides again, cuddling into one another with me returning the kisses and caresses from each side. “Mmm, so greedy, and SO lovely!” I giggled.
This time, after we had each recovered enough to sit up and start talking normally again, I didn’t protest as No.5 said he would have to be going. I lay cuddled up on my side, exhausted but feeling wonderfully relaxed and warm and fulfilled. “Ooohh we didn’t even get to use those did we” I giggled as I watched No.5 packing his whip and several other, smaller, toys into his satchel. He laughed and walked over to the bed to run the strands of the whip gently down my arm. “I’ll make sure I make you feel them next time” he said.

We kissed our goodbyes and Hubby walked him downstairs to let him out . . . returning to bed and asking “would you like to be tied up until morning?” We kissed with just such lovely passion and feeling, just lovely, but I had to tell him “not right now, I need some recovery sleep, but we will do it again please!”

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  1. Sal

    OMG cumming over and over reading it.

  2. Jacqui

    wow. very hot. and gorgeous descriptions

  3. Pippa

    Are they bite marks on your nipple?

  4. Pippa, Yes they are!!! . . . I was so carried away at the time that I didn’t start feeling tender there until afterwards!!

  5. Julia

    This is a really well written piece. Incredibly arousing and erotic but with a personal touch at the same time. Different in every way to other things like this you come across on the internet. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog.

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