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MirrorwiseFINALdec12It’s been such a busy, (very-naughty-busy), month !!! Lots of fun evening meetings . . . and lots to catch-up on to add to my diary . . . but I just haven’t had the time (LOL!!!).

For everybody who has asked, I promise I will try to update here on at least some of our fun in the next couple of weeks or so (or . . . perhaps . . . during the Christmas break!).

But in the meantime, as a thank-you-treat for all your patience, I thought I would attach this pic from last Saturday. (Taken as I was getting ready to meet Lover No. 20).

And, especially for my “Balcony Members”, I have just uploaded a second picture-gallery with some recent photos and updated the video clip there.

So, as I said, I promise I will try to add a new diary post as soon as I can.

With best wishes – Modesty

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