17,000 reasons to thank you!!!

Modesty Ablaze Wardrobe BottomI have always loved receiving all of your email messages and comments to my diary here . . . right from my very first post at the beginning of the year.

Many of the messages have made me feel very special and privileged to have such responsive and flattering readers, and I never ever imagined that so many people would want to ask me for advice and opinions on their own relationships and personal lives.

It has been flattering, humbling and inspirational . . . and quite simply amazing . . . to this week have reached over 17,000 visits to my diary.

Thank you so, SO MUCH to everybody who has visited me here . . . and to answer all of your most recent requests for new updates . . . yes, I promise that there will be a new post shortly about one of my most recent “meetings”.

And, as a special thank you to everyone who has visited me here, I hope the included picture, taken just last night as I was preparing for a new “night out”, will go some way towards thanking you all for your patience.

More soon . . . I promise!!!
With best wishes – Modesty

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  1. Sal

    always sooo envious of ur life & sooo envious of ur bum. cant wait for ur next post

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