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The THIRD of my “The Modesty Diaries” is due to be published shortly . . . and to celebrate, I hope you will enjoy the following excerpt from one of my previous books “The Balcony” (the second book in my Diaries series . . . and YES I do know it’s confusingly titled “Pt 3” but that is because Part One is, for the moment, exclusively published elsewhere).


The Modesty Diaries Pt 3 The Balcony

” . . . at least everything is new and easy to operate in his kitchen. I set-up the oven and then laid out the table . . . it actually wasn’t very long before he arrived, looking surprised . . . and pleased as we embraced. His hands quickly slid under the hem of the robe at the back and he cupped my bottom cheeks as we kissed again. He asked if he had time for a shower and I followed him into the bathroom and helped him undress between more kissing and fondling. I stood and watched as he showered and talked about his meeting and the reason it had over-ran.

He always seems completely unconcerned about being naked and we walked along the corridor back to the kitchen with him still drying himself and talking on. He did actually wrap the towel around his waist before accepting the glass I handed him, and then walked out onto the balcony as I checked the progress of the meal.

“Won’t be long, about 15 minutes” I told him, feeling quite happy with myself that I was organising things so well. I joined him at the railings, looking down at the river. Even as high up as we were, there was very little breeze, it was still warm and, of course, being early evening, still completely light.

We chatted on, pausing as he stepped back to the kitchen to top-up our glasses whilst I continued to admire the view.
“I love it looking down on everything from here. You are so lucky” I told him as he returned. He handed me my glass and cuddled in behind me, kissing my neck and ear.

“I know I’m very, very lucky” he said as he continued to kiss, and then nibble at my ear.

As he slid his arms around me further, I realised he didn’t have his glass . . . and . . . didn’t have his towel either!

“You can’t stand out here without anything on!” I laughed. I could feel his erection pressing against my hip through the robe . . . and then as he adjusted his position and lifted the robe slightly, I felt it bare against my skin.

I shook and twisted “Vince, you’re naked. Someone will see!!!” His erection was rubbing over my bottom cheeks and then stopped, resting erect between my cheeks as he pressed me gently against the railing and I stopped my squirming.

“No one can see, they’d have to have telescopes from across the river” he answered.

To the left of us, his sun-seat with a canvas back and canopy, did obscure the rest of the building, and the design of the apartments to the right of us meant there was only a wall. But as I looked over I could clearly see the balcony below and to the left of us. They were both empty, but if we could see down someone would be able to see up if they did come out.
He’d opened my robe at the front now though, and as he continued kissing my neck, and telling me that nobody else was home, his hands were squeezing at my breasts. I turned my head back to accept his request to “kiss”, and knew I was moaning as his tongue slipped over mine and the palm of his hands were scraping over my nipples. They were already hard and tingling, but as he pinched at them gently and then slid one hand down over my tummy, I felt them getting harder and my skin stretching and tingling.

“Vince !!!,” I was trying to protest and twist my hips again . . . but as I twisted he adjusted too, pulling back from me slightly and then pushing forward and I felt his cock sliding between my legs and rubbing against the lips of my pussy. I’d completely lost my resistance now, the fingers of one of his hands was rubbing over my clit whilst I clamped my own hand over the fingers of his other hand which was sliding across my chest and squeezing from one breast to the other. I lifted up on my toes and pushed my hips back and felt him guiding his cock into my, now soaking wet, pussy.

My robe was now completely open at the front and I could feel the handrail of the balcony against my chest with my boobs resting over it as he pushed and rocked me from behind. I had to let go of his hand and grip the handrail with my free hand whilst I struggled to hold onto my glass with the other. He stopped his rocking and reached over to take the glass from me and leant down to put it on the floor next to us. He pushed forward against me again and his cock slid straight back into my pussy without me having to adjust myself at all.

I was just completely gone now. Groaning and pushing back against him and gripping the handrail with both hands. I was loving the feeling, the excitement, knowing my nipples were pressing against nothing but fresh-air, but wanting to push and feel it more. He was still rubbing the fingers of one hand over and over my lips and button and gripping me around my tummy with his other arm. I was completely carried away with what we were doing, opening my eyes for a moment to look out in front of us and down at the river below. I could “feel” the open-air against my skin, but I wanted to see it too. I closed my eyes again, squeezing them tightly tight, wanting so much to come like this, in this position, in this place. I could feel him grunting faster too. He lifted his arm up from tummy to my nipple.

“Oh, squeeze my tits” I gasped at him. He lifted his other hand away from my pussy, but I pushed it back down again. His thrusts were now becoming pumps, hard and grunting in time with each push forwards.

“Not inside” I gasped at him. I heard him grunting louder for several more hard, pushing strokes and then felt him pull suddenly out and thrust his cock forward against me again. I was still gripping the handrail and could feel him rubbing himself feverishly over me, sliding his erection up and down between my bum cheeks.  He had curled both his arms round over my tummy pulling himself against me. I heard him coming, his gasps sounding almost like sobs as he dropped his head onto my shoulder. I felt the wetness splashing up over my back and then over my cheeks as I swivelled my bottom from side to side.

For a moment I thought I’d lost my own momentum, but as he pulled me back into him, his hand slid down between my legs again, the pressure of his wrist rubbing over me like an electric shock. I groaned with the rush of it all . . . grasping the handrail again with both hands, my head hanging over the edge and my legs spread wide apart. He was still holding me around the tummy with both hands now, resting his forehead on my back between my shoulder blades . . . but his fingers were twirling around my clit and over my lips. I groaned again . . .


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My books are autobiographical . . . not fictional. They are excerpts from what were initially “private” diaries shared only with my Husband . . . even the cover pictures are my own . . . so everything is 100% me.

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I hope you will enjoy!!!

With best wishes – Modesty



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  1. Martin Cleaton

    This is deutschland19871 from EP. I have seen so many things that resemble the type of life I have with my gf.. She is hot just like you baby!!!

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