Kissing the Pink?

Pink Litter On-line

NEW!!! On-line Adult Magazine for Erotic Writing, Art & Poetry.

It certainly won’t be for everyone . . . but it certainly is provocative, interesting, arousing, shocking . . . and “different”.

And isn’t that just what Erotica is all about? Different things interest and arouse different people?

Pink Litter is a new on-line adult publication sprinkled with a mixture of Erotic Poetry, Art and Writing. Editor-in-Chief Misty Rampart’s introduction explains “We can do the  tender side of love but we’re OK with the roughest edges you can show us.  We’ll struggle to be defined as anything — certainly erotica, for lack of a better word, will be our niche, but we want to see where it goes. It’s about pinning down the intangible with what we do have: words and images, some original, some borrowed, but pressed into one beautiful rag”.

I have loved browsing this first edition and urge you to do the same at: Pink Litter Editorial.

And I also urge you to take-up Misty’s invitation (challenge?) to contribute and help shape the next issue into more of what you all may want to see, and share, in those “different” feelings and emotions that we all have.

I’ve loved (and felt honoured) seeing an excerpt of my own featured here (Hot Blog: Modesty Ablaze)  . . . perhaps you may be able to do the same.

With best wishes – Modesty


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  1. Sally

    i was hoping for ur own post. u tweeted last week u had new lovers and new experiences. will u post that soon?

  2. I will try and post soon about my two new lovers. But sometimes I think it’s nice to share other things that I find interesting and different. I hope you will check out the link Paul, and I hope you will enjoy it.

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