And, just 2 days after No.4 . . . with Lover No.1

Modesty Ablaze blue

Gloves and tassles!!!

I’d already agreed to meet with No.1 on Wednesday evening, two weeks before our spur-of-the-moment decision to invite No.4 to our house two nights before. No.1 always has to plan his “evenings out” well in advance so that he doesn’t have to make any last minute excuses at home. We’d originally planned that he would book a hotel, but when Hubby and I learned that our kids would both be away at the same time for the whole week, I asked No.1 if he’d like to come to ours for another three-some instead. I could hear the excitement in his voice on the phone as he told me he’d “love a repeat performance”.

Hubby and I had been texting back and forth all day on the Tuesday telling each other how we couldn’t stop thinking about the events of Monday evening (and Tuesday morning!!) Our early night to get over our exhaustion, turned out to be almost as passionate as the night before . . . well, not quite (LOL!!!) . . . but I enjoyed Hubby telling me how much he’d loved watching me with No.4.
I shook my head and pretended to be shocked when he started suggesting that he wanted to video me with No.1 the following evening . . . but he could tell from my physical response to his kissing and touching and repeated whispers in my ear, that I was actually finding the thought of it all very, very arousing. In the aftermath of my come, I heard myself telling him “only for a bit, and only if he agrees to it”.

I’d forgotten about it the next evening of course as we showered and repeated the routine of preparing the table with drinks and nibbles as we had on Monday night. No.1 arrived exactly on time and we sat drinking our wine and chatting away just like the old friends we all actually are. I’d sat down on the sofa next to No.1 whilst Hubby sat directly across from us in his armchair. It just seemed perfectly natural when No.1 started stroking my leg as we talked . . . and soon we were placing our glasses down on the coffee table and kissing and caressing as though we were completely on our own.

My robe was quickly untied and I felt those familiar fingers stroking over my nipples and squeezing and caressing gently under my breasts. His hands slowly slid down to my hips as he kissed my neck and then flicked his tongue down over my nipples. My legs were already parted but he spread them further and then lifted my left foot up onto the arm of the sofa. I was already quite wet and his fingers slid into me easily as he continued kissing and flicking his tongue across my nipples. “Oh, suck my tits” I moaned into his ear. His fingers were deliciously stroking and turning inside me and then the wonderful sensation of his lips sucking hard from one nipple to the other, had me writhing and gasping and twisting my hips on the cushion of the sofa.

He stood up in front of me and started quickly unbuttoning his shirt. I leant forward to unfasten his belt and pull his trousers down over his hips. His cock sprang up in front of me and I leant further forward to suck it hungrily into my mouth. He pulled away again though to step completely out of his clothes and pull off his shoes and socks. As I pulled off my own robe and re-adjusted myself on the sofa I could see Hubby standing up from his armchair across the room from us and undressing himself.

I quickly forgot about everything else though as No.1 knelt down in front of me and lifted both my legs up onto his shoulders. His tongue was sliding over my pussy lips whilst those fingers were again sliding and stroking into me. “Oh fuck, I love that” I was encouraging him as his fingers stroked and twirled inside me and his tongue and lips flicked and sucked at my button. “Ohh” I’d reached down with both hands to pull his head further into me as I pushed my hips further forward to meet him and ran my hands down over his back. I was loving the feeling of his shoulders rocking against my hands in perfect rhythm with the stroking and sliding of his fingers and tongue.

He lifted away again, standing forward and hooking his arms under my legs. I gasped out as he leant forward into me, his cock sliding straight inside and his pushing and lifting motion with his arms lifting my bottom up off the seat of the sofa . . . and then thumping me down, and up, again. I’d tried to reach out and wrap my arms around his back, but his stroking was getting faster and faster and I had to reach down to grasp the cushion of the sofa to keep my balance and my own thrusting back and forwards into him. “Oh fucking hell” I was gasping out as we pumped against each other, “I love fucking like this”.
I was getting closer and closer now . . . and arching my back into the sofa more and more with each stroke . . . until finally I cried out with the glorious rush of coming. I’d pulled myself up into him as I shuddered and shook, throwing my arms around his shoulders and pulling against him with such force that apparently my fingernails left raking scratches over his back.

I couldn’t release my grip at first, not for a minute or so, until I felt him trying to lift away from me and with a final loud groan I flopped backwards onto the cushions. “Incredible, amazing” I heard my Hubby telling No.1 and suddenly realised that he’d moved from across the room to the other end of the sofa beside us. I opened my eyes as his words had suddenly brought me back to my senses. No.1 was still standing up in front of the sofa, his cock still erect and glistening wonderfully with what I knew were my own juices. It wobbled majestically as he moved to sit down on the edge of the cushion next to me.

“You’ll have to sit up to make some room” Hubby was saying to me as he leant across to kiss my forehead, “he’ll need to sit down after that”.

“Well you’ll have to go back to your chair then”, I replied as I lifted myself up and sat back into the corner of the sofa again. No.1 sat down beside me as Hubby obliged by doing as I’d asked and moved back across the room. I stroked at No.1’s erection as he put his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek telling me how wonderful it had been. “I think you’ve scratched me though” he said and pulled away to turn round to show me his back. “Oh, my god”, I exclaimed “I’m really sorry, it is quite marked”. The sudden shock of realising that he was going to have to go home with scratch marks clearly showing on his back quickly brought me back down to earth. I suddenly felt guilty and quite worried. “You’ve never done that to me before” he said.

Hubby came back across the room to look and said he was sure they’d go down a bit in an hour or so. “You’ll just have to say you were scratching your back in the shower, if you get asked” he laughed. But I still felt terribly guilty and was looking at them again and trying to rub them gently in the forlorn hope that they would already start to disappear. But Hubby was lifting me up by my hand and saying “lets go upstairs, and you can give him a proper massage in bed”.

The comfort of stretching out onto the fresh sheets I’d changed that morning was certainly refreshing and somewhat calming as well. No.1 didn’t seem too upset or worried about his scratches as he was quickly kissing and licking at my breasts again. I immediately felt myself responding and opening my legs as his fingers traced a path over my tummy down to my lips again. “I should be doing something for you” I gasped with the delight of feeling myself being opened up again by those wonderful, probing, fingers. “Not yet” was  his response as he shifted on the bed and slid down between my legs. The sofa had been wonderfully passionate . . . and it had been so exciting to be taken so quickly like that . . . but I was now enjoying being able to stretch my legs out and lay my head back against the pillow.

I could sense movement, and a strange muted whirring noise, disturbing the lovely sensations of the lips and fingers between my legs. I opened my eyes to see Hubby standing right next to me, at the head of the bed, with his video camera in hand. I pulled a face of annoyance, but he said “It’s ok, I have asked!” I glanced down at No.1 who’d lifted his face up for a moment. His eyes were wide open and even though his tongue was still flicking wonderfully over me, I could tell he was smiling as he nodded his response. I closed my eyes again and straightened my head further back into the pillow. The thought of Hubby taking pictures and video suddenly washed over me in a complete surge of excitement and arousal of a completely different sort to the feelings I’d had on the sofa downstairs.

“Oh fuck” I gasped out., “that’s really, really nice”. I opened my eyes to look down the bed again. No.1 was kneeling up to one side stroking his fingers in and out of me with one hand whilst reaching up with the other pinching my nipples back and forth from one to the other. “Oh, I want it, I want it”, I was moaning as his fingers were stroking faster and faster. I was coming so quickly again and I couldn’t control it. “Oh, I’m coming, fucking coming”, I was crying out as his fingers pumped and I twisted my hips from side to side. I let out a loud final groan as he pulled his hand away and I rolled over onto my side, pulling my knees up to my chest.

I could feel him lying down behind me and cuddling into me, and then the weight of Hubby kneeling onto the bed as well. I opened my eyes. “Turn that fucking thing off now” I hissed at him, shuddering again as I felt No.1’s arm reaching over me and pulling my back into him.

We all lay together for quite some time. Talking and kissing and cuddling. “I feel really selfish and indulgent” I said as I was turning my head from left to right every so often, to return the kisses and compliments of both of them. It felt wonderful to be lying there squeezed between two warm and soft bodies . . . well not quite soft all over . . . both of them had hard and stiff erections.

I lifted myself up on one elbow and shuffled down the bed slightly to lean forward to suck my lips over No.1’s cock. I really do love the feeling of that warmth and hardness inside my mouth. I felt Hubby shuffling around behind me. I reached round with my free hand and wrapped my fingers around his erection. As I sucked my mouth up and down, and flicked my tongue around No.1’s head, I could feel Hubby kneeling up behind me . . . he was videoing again. This time I didn’t feel distracted, I was enjoying myself too much . . . and actually enjoying the thought of my naughtiness being captured on video for the first time.

No.1 was clearly enjoying my attentions and beginning to make quiet gasping moans of his own. He pulled away though and got up off the bed to stand in front of me, teasing me with his erection standing up gloriously. I shuffled on my tummy across to the edge of the bed to lean forward and take him into my mouth again, sucking him in deep and reaching both my hands around behind his bum to pull us closer together.

I suddenly felt Hubby’s fingers sliding between my legs and stroking under me and over my clit. I was moaning too now, lifting my bottom up and kneeling forward further. I felt Hubby kneeling onto the bed behind me, and then shuffling forward against me. His cock rubbed teasingly over my bum cheeks. I reached round behind me with one hand to hold and stroke him at first . . . but then to guide him between my lips and into me.

My moans were muffled by having my mouth full, but I knew they were getting louder as I felt them both pushing into me from different ends. No.1 stroking gently into my mouth, Hubby stroking not so gently into my cunt. Both of them were getting faster now and I could hear No.1’s moaning getting louder as well. He suddenly pulled away and said “can we roll her over onto her back”. I didn’t know whether to feel annoyed, or aroused, by suddenly hearing him talking to Hubby as though I didn’t even need to be asked what I wanted. The sudden sensation of Hubby pulling out of me and feeling No.1 taking my shoulders, and Hubby taking my ankles, and being turned over onto my back was completely overwhelming though. I was definitely aroused . . . not annoyed.

My head was now hanging over the bed. I looked up at No.1’s balls and then his hand pushing his cock down into my lips. I could feel Hubby shuffling forward, and then as I spread my legs wider for him, his cock rubbing over me and then sliding inside. He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders and his thrusting pushed my head further into No.1’s cock which he was now quite vigorously stroking in and out of my mouth. Hubby re-adjusted himself, lifting my ankles even higher . . . and No.1 had pulled away for a moment as well, leaning forward over me and reaching his hands down over my tummy, rubbing his fingers around and around over my clit as Hubby began stroking forward again. I was groaning quite loudly now, feeling more and more aroused at what they were doing to me. I opened my eyes for a moment and gasped as I looked up at No.1’s balls and bum above me. I reached up to stroke his cock, telling him “You’ve got such a lovely bum”.

Hubby was getting quite carried away himself now. Gasping out and pushing into me faster and faster. No.1 lifted back and guided his cock back into my mouth. I cupped his balls in one hand as I tried to steady myself by holding onto the bed sheets with the other as Hubby was pumping into me. I could tell from his grunts that he was on the point of coming . . . but it was No.1 who came first, suddenly crying out himself and thrusting himself downwards into my face. I felt his spurting into my mouth . . . and then sudden warm splashes against my cheek and chin as he pulled his cock out, squeezing himself in his hand as it continued to spurt all over me. I felt him stepping backwards a bit, and his come splashing onto my forehead and hair, but just as I started to open my eyes and lift myself up, Hubby let out a loud groan and sudden huge thrusts. I gasped myself as I felt him pulling out of me and then falling forward, spurting onto my tummy.

I couldn’t move from the weight of Hubby leaning across my tummy, but No.1’s come was now dribbling down into my eyes and nose, so I had to try and twist myself from underneath Hubby’s dead-weight and sit-up. I felt No.1 placing some tissue from the bedside table into my hand, and started to wipe my face clean. Hubby’s come was now also dribbling, but thankfully only across my tummy.

I opened my eyes to see Hubby sitting up next to me grinning like a Cheshire cat . . . and with the camera still in his hand. I couldn’t stop myself giggling with the excitement of being so naughty and with the feeling of being covered in both men’s come.

We all collapsed back onto the bed, each of us gasping and giggling and laughing at, and with, each other. “Incredible” Hubby was saying over and over . . . and No.1 was laughing in agreement saying “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much”. “I know!!!” I exclaimed, “you drenched me, both of you did. And it’s still in my nose!!!”

Unlike the evening two nights before, I knew I wasn’t going to have the luxury of my lover being able to “sleep over”. But I didn’t want to let him go. We lay cradled together for almost an hour. Dozing and talking and then dozing again. There’s just something so lovely and indulgent about lying cuddled between two men and feeling like I never wanted them to let me go. Both Hubby and I tried to delay him from getting up out of the bed . . . Hubby by telling him “I’m sure she’d love some more of that all over again” . . . and me by sliding my finger down to my still wet lips, and then up to his, pushing it gently into his mouth and giggling, and moaning, as he sucked it dry. But we knew he really did have to go.

His goodnight kiss was wonderful, wet and lingering. I sank back down onto the bed as Hubby got up to follow him downstairs and see him out. As he came back into the bedroom I said to him in mock anger, “You were naughty having that camera!”.

He laughed and slid his hands down between my legs, “and you were very, very naughty ON that camera!” I gasped with the sliding of his fingers . . . and the exciting, naughty, memory of the last two hours . . .

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  1. “Lovely and indulgent.” What an amazing description. I haven’t experienced being cuddled between two men, but I often imagine it. Truly enjoyed your post, Modesty! Envious!

  2. Sally

    OMG seriously worth waiting 4. so exciting. best one yet & they keep getting better & better. plese post no.3 soon.

  3. Sally

    just sent comment & ment to say i’m envious about ur picture as well as about ur life. everything about you is so sexy. wish i had half of what you do & have done

  4. Just Amazing Modesty, keeps me hard from beginning to end, thank you !!

  5. dan

    agreed with all of those comments. fantastic. keep the storeys cumming.

  6. *O My* These are delightful reads, and I’m sure I know where my girly-girl and I will be spending some pleasurable moments reading. I can’t wait until you introduce some light swats … or is that further in my reading …

  7. Alice,
    Thank you for such a lovely comment . . . and, yes, light swats (well actually not quite so light for me!!!) will follow.
    That happened on the third night of that week! But, it’s just finding the time to finish the quick shorthand I’d typed into my notepad, and then getting to upload it . . . I mean I don’t want to lose my “social” time!!! (Of which there’s been two more evenings I could add here!)
    Oh, but I have taken the time to add a link to your own wonderful blog to my “Other Places I Like” page, and my blogroll at the foot of these pages (LOL !!! . . . that should be “bottom” of my pages, shouldn’t it???)

  8. Is there anything more indulgent or arousing than being sandwiched between two lovers? It’s a wonderful time indeed when everybody gets fully involved like that. Nothing I’ve ever known quite compares. Your story was wonderful and *adjusts pants* quite inspiring. Thank you! 😉

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  9. Sally

    cant wait to hear 3rd instalmant. please plese post soon

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