Three Lovers in Five Days !!!

Such an exhausting . . . but ABSOLUTELY wonderful week!!!

Three different lovers in the space of five days . . . well five evenings actually! . . . AND tried something new (for me) which was very, very exciting. So exciting, that I’d love to do it AGAIN !!

I will try and post a diary entry . . . or that should be, multiple entries . . . here as soon as I can.

And there may be some pictures for my “Private” page if I think any of them are suitable. (Haven’t had the chance to look through them all yet!).

With best wishes – Modesty


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  1. Look forward to reading it Modesty, please post it soon. Thanks

  2. Sally

    OMG you always manage to make me even more jealous with every one of your posts. Can’t wait to read. – Sal

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