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The Modesty Diaries "The Balcony"This is not meant to be an advert . . . I really do promise. Please just scroll down to my previous posts (or from the “Recent Posts” panel on the right to see my most recent posts here) if you find this distasteful.

But it is just that SO MANY people have been messaging me to ask about how I started out on our “lifestyle” and about how I met my semi-regular lovers, that . . .

I thought it might be interesting to publish excerpts from my own private diary, from the past ten years or so, as Ebook short stories. Most of them are reasonably short journal entries hastily typed into our computer a few days after the event. They were originally meant as fun recollections for Hubby and I to browse back through from time to time, but are in fact what led to me actually starting an on-line diary here.

The Ebook idea came about because I have been approached by a real Ebook publisher to submit several manuscripts for review. (Hence why this first book on Amazon is actually “Part 3”), but I thought I would also try doing it myself.

I realise it is quite short (some of my original diary entries are much longer), but as this is a first attempt . . . and a lovely memory that I STILL get turned-on about . . . I thought I would publish this one first.

There are many, many more accounts of meetings and fun with all of my lovers, but this one (called “The Balcony”) is from one of my evenings with a young man who will always have a special place in my memories.

You can download it from Amazon from the following link:

Perhaps if it is popular I will publish some more memoirs from earlier meetings … and how Hubby and I started on our wonderful lifestyle.

Please do let me know what you think!!!

AND please don’t be cross if you think I shouldn’t be selling things like this on-line, it’s just that so many have asked!

With best wishes – Modesty

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