Hubby gets his reward . . . 3-some with Lover No 1.

Throughout all the years of my affair with Lover No 1, Hubby had constantly asked if I would invite him along to “just watch, not even to join in”. And for years I’d told him that I’d be too nervous, and not able to really be myself, and that he’d just have to make do with me telling him all about things on my return home. I had talked with Lover No 1, about Hubby’s requests quite early on in our relationship and we’d both agreed that it would make things more difficult, and “unnatural”. But over the years, as we talked about it more, and as our own relationship grew and became more adventurous, it was clear that we’d begun to enjoy the fantasy aspect of it as well. And it started to become a topic of conversation during our meetings, with No 1 teasingly asking “are you going to bring him along next time?”.

Eventually he’d suggested it would make the perfect anniversary gift for Hubby and I . . . and so it happened. And, with Hubby sitting quietly in the corner as he’d promised, it was actually far easier than I’d imagined (this was several years before our first Swingers Club adventure).

But it was still almost a year before we agreed he could join us again. And on that occasion I did find myself getting so aroused and carried away that I called out for him to come over to the bed and join in. And it was amazing . . . just wonderful for all of us. Different, and wildly passionate total sexual abandonment.

I would still meet with No 1 more regularly just on my own of course, but we have had several more fun 3-some evenings since, and, as I had started to feel guilty about “locking Hubby out” several weeks ago, when Lover No 1 called to see if I was free, I asked if I could bring Hubby along again. He agreed without a moments hesitation.

Hubby booked a local Holiday Inn for our mid-week rendezvous. We met after work and drove straight to the hotel, (stopping off briefly to buy wine and snacks), so that we’d both have time to shower before No 1 arrived. We both lounged in our towels on the bed until he arrived, and then all sat chatting and sipping wine for 30 minutes or so until he made the first move by saying he would just take a quick shower. Hubby moved over onto the chair in the corner when No 1 returned to the bed. I’d already unwrapped my towel and just lifted up the bedclothes to welcome him in next to me. I felt his erection already rubbing against my thigh as he cuddled in next to me and began kissing me.

The next few minutes were a blur as I completely lost myself in his kisses and caresses. I could feel his firmness even harder against me now as he squeezed against me, his hands stroking down over my arms and then pulling at my nipples with his fingers . . . and then sucking them up between his lips. If Hubby was moving around I certainly couldn’t hear him. All I could hear was my moans of pleasure, and No 1’s lips popping away from each nipple before sucking them into his hot mouth again. I arched my neck backwards as his tongue licked further down my tummy and his hand traced a path before it, to slide in between my legs and pry them apart.

I gasped as I felt him lifting the bedclothes off us (or was it Hubby pulling them back?) and then felt his fingers sliding in between my pussy lips. I groaned louder as they pushed further, and harder, and faster. I reached down with my own hand to lift his fingers away from inside of me and lift them up to my mouth. “I want to taste my juices” I told him (and Hubby whom I assumed to still be sitting in the corner), before I pushed them down and into me again. Groaning loudly as I felt two, or three, pushing and curling up inside me. “Fffuucck” I was groaning out. “Fucking love it”.

I was already beginning to lose myself completely in the emotion of it all. Feeling those wonderful fingers stroking in and out . . . and knowing my legs were spread wide . . . wide enough for my husband to be having a grandstand view of what those fingers were doing to me. I had my eyes closed, and all I could hear was my own gasps and groans, but I knew Hubby would be gasping too.

Suddenly the fingers pulled away from me, sliding gloriously over my clit, and then forcing me back further onto the bed as I felt him kneeling up and moving over me. He lay forward to kiss me, his lips bouncing across my breasts and nipples as I felt his erection now sliding into me. I groaned and gasped with the pressure as I felt him pumping over me. “Oh God,” I cried out as I felt his full weight on my chest, and then him lifting away for an instant, before pounding down onto me again. I could feel his cock pumping in and out of me with a quickly increasing rhythm, and hear the mattress squeaking and creaking in time with my gasps and groans.

He paused for a moment to re-adjust, hooking his elbows in under each of my legs and then lifting them up over his shoulders. “Ohh fucking hell” I groaned out. “Deep enough?” he asked. I opened my eyes to see him grinning down at me as he began increasing his stroking again. “Yes, fucking deep!” I exclaimed, half giggling half gasping my answer. We continued our steady rocking back and forth against each other, I couldn’t tell for how long, until I felt him re-adjusting again, this time pulling back slightly and then bringing my legs tighter together and reaching forward with the palms of his hands squeezing down over my nipples again.

I came with loud screams (“so loud they must have heard in the corridor and next rooms” Hubby told me later). But I was oblivious to everything but the spasms and shudders of my orgasm. I felt him pulling out and rolling me over onto my side, my legs flopping down onto the bed. He slid in behind me pulling my back into his chest and cuddling his arms over my own, kissing my neck and shoulders as I continued to tingle and shudder.

We lay for several minutes before he pulled away from me and then rolled me over onto my other side to face him. He was kissing me passionately, more passionately than he normally would I was thinking! Then he rolled completely onto his back pulling me up on top of him, I felt my knees involuntarily sliding each side of his hips as he lifted me up into a sitting position. I started gasping again as he reached up squeezing at my nipples again. “Not yet” I was trying to tell him, trying to brush his hands away, but he was playing with me, reaching straight back with each hand just as quickly as I pushed them away . . . and bucking his hips up against me making me reach down to hold his chest to try to steady myself. I felt his still hard cock underneath me. I started to rub my pussy lips over his hot erection, whimpering again as I felt my own wetness there on his cock, and his fingers twisting and pulling at my nipples again.

“Sit on me” he told me. I wanted it now too. I lifted up and reached round behind my cheeks to guide him in, but he pulled my hand away and tugged gently at my arm “No, I want you to turn round and face my feet”. I laughed and tried again to reach round to find his cock and change his mind, but he persisted with his tugging and pulling at my arm. I lifted my right leg up and turned round to face his feet and lift my left leg back over him. I looked down between my legs now and grasped his shiny cock, glistening wet from my own juices, and guided him in . . . feeling that wonderful feeling as I sat back on him. He’d sat up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back further onto him and thrusting up into me. I gasped and opened my eyes again, looking straight across the foot of the bed to see Hubby grinning wildly at me sitting completely naked in the chair pulled up close to the bed . . . his own cock standing up fully erect between the fingers of the hand he was gripping himself with, his other hand cupping his balls from underneath. I heard myself gasping again, closing my eyes, moaning quite loudly I knew, with the sensation of bouncing myself up and down on my lovers cock knowing Hubby was sitting just feet away, loving it almost as much as I was.

I was gasping and grunting again with the thoughts running through my head, and the exertion of the thrusting against me. No. 1 had fallen back on his back again and pulled me back with him. We’d come apart and I rolled off him and turned round to face him again. He sat up to meet me and rolled me over onto my back again sliding his mouth across my nipples again. They really were sensitive now though and I pushed his head down over my tummy. He knew where I really needed his lips and tongue. I gasped out quite loudly, calling Hubby’s name and lifting my arms up . . . I had my eyes closed but I could hear him standing up from his chair and then felt his weight as he knelt onto the bed beside us. I was gasping at the feel of No. 1’s lips sucking at my clit and what must have been his finger pushing into me . . . it was too long and hard to have been his tongue. I could sense someone leaning forward over me and opened my eyes to see Hubby’s grinning face leaning into mine. His tongue was hot and wet as we kissed into one another, I wrapped my arms around his back as we kissed. I was swooning from the feelings between my lips at both ends!

Hubby pulled away and knelt closer towards the pillow . . . I opened my eyes again to see his hard cock wobbling in front of me. I reached over to pull it to my lips and moments after I did so I felt a pulling away from below, and then hands on my hips turning me over and lifting me up onto my knees. We all adjusted our positions, No. 1 kneeling between my legs from behind, Hubby shuffling further into the bed in front. I felt his cock begin pushing in and out of my mouth . . . and, almost instantaneously, No. 1’s cock pushing into me from behind. The thrusting seemed completely synchronised, my pussy being rocked forward pushing my mouth onto my husbands hard cock which, in turn, pushed me backwards onto the hardness of No. 1. I could hear them both grunting now, my own groans were muffled of course . . . until Hubby pulled away for a moment to ask me “what’s he doing to you?” I giggled as I looked up at him, “fucking my cunt!” before gasping again as another thrust pushed me forward and my lips opened to accept Hubby’s cock fucking into my mouth again. I felt No. 1 pulling out, yet holding me steady by my hips, and asking Hubby if he’d like to change ends. I giggled again “don’t I get a say?” as I stayed in position on my knees and elbows. Hubby kissed my bottom cheeks and replied “of course sweetheart, do you want to stop?”. I didn’t answer, I was already greedily sucking onto No. 1’s lovely cock and wrapping my arms around his lovely bum to pull him harder into me. I felt Hubby’s knob pushing and thrusting into me with even harder strokes than No. 1 had been pumping at me before. Neither were going to give me the chance to change my mind.

I had lost my concentration momentarily, but I love the feeling of No. 1’s cock in my mouth, not that it’s very much different from Hubby’s . . . perhaps just a little thicker . . . but just knowing it’s different, knowing I’m giving someone else pleasure and knowing that Hubby was right there stroking into me at the same time. Suddenly I began to feel fingers all over me as well as the thrusting of both cocks pushing into me. No. 1 was gently squeezing at my breasts again, his palms just squeezing, then releasing, then scraping across my nipples . . . and Hubby’s fingers were swirling over my clit, round and round in time with his pumping. I had to pull my mouth away from No. 1’s cock, the sensations were overwhelming me again. I exploded with a long groan and then muffled gasps as I fell forward onto No. 1’s knee and then buried my face into the bedclothes as Hubby pumped and pounded behind me. I collapsed down onto my stomach, writhing and shaking and then pulling my knees up to my tummy as I rolled onto my side. I could feel them both moving around on the bed beside me and exchanging compliments about how “amazing she is” . . . but their voices became more muffled and distant as I squeezed my eyes more tightly closed and drifted away into that zone where nothing, or no-one, can touch or speak.

Apparently I dozed for half an hour or so, before stirring and becoming conscious once again of voices and their conversation across my shoulder. They were cuddled up against me, one either side, and talking in half whispers . . . I lifted up my head “what are you saying, are you talking about me”. No. 1 laughed and said he’d been saying how lucky we were all, to share such incredible times. I rolled over onto my back and sat up to accept his offering of my wine glass. We all sat up, our backs against the pillows pulled up against the headboard of the bed, continuing the conversation about previous meetings (all of us together, and No. 1 and I on our own).

We’d been talking for some time when No. 1 said he’d have to be making a move soon. “You can’t let him go home like that sweetheart!” Hubby teased me as he pointed over at No. 1’s still semi-erect cock lying so wonderfully up against his tummy. “Oh, yes I see what you mean” I said as I reached over to stroke it and it almost immediately stood-upwards. I leant down and sucked him into my mouth again. I’d twisted down and rolled over slightly and could feel Hubby now rubbing himself against my lower back. I reached round behind me to grasp him, he felt quite erect now as well. But I was more intent on No. 1’s lovely cock now, sucking it slowly up and down and pulling off a little to roll my tongue around it’s head and then down the shaft to his balls, pulling my hand away from Hubby and instead reaching round to squeeze No. 1 with both hands now, one cupping and playing under his balls, the other sliding up and down over his length as I flicked my tongue round and round his head now. He suddenly started gasping quite quickly and lifted away, “can I come, I need to come”. I rolled onto my back and slid down the bed a little, “come on then, you can come on my face” I told him. I was only looking up at him, but heard Hubby gasping out from next to me “Oh, God, oh God, do it, do it on her”. I reached back with my free hand to grasp Hubby’s cock, he was straining on my other side now, gasping loudly in unison with No. 1 who was playing with his own cock with both hands now. I reached round to slide my hand over his hip and bum cheek as I watched him stroking himself back and forth.

No. 1 came first, spurting a sudden burst of white as he gasped out loudly. I felt it splash across my chin and onto my neck with a second spurt. I was still stroking Hubby hard with my right hand and heard him gasping out loudly. I turned towards him just in time to see his first jet shooting out over me. It felt almost like I was seeing him shooting another jet towards me before I felt the first, but in seconds I could feel the warmth and wetness hitting against my cheek and nose, then more across my lips . . . and as I gasped and giggled out, more across my forehead and then into my mouth as I swallowed for air. I felt splashing across me again, from both directions it had to be, there was so much of it. I had to sit up and wipe the stickiness away from my eyes and nose, I seemed to be breathing it in as well as swallowing it!! “God, you boys!!” I giggled out “there’s loads of the stuff”. Hubby had rolled over onto his back, No. 1 was still kneeling next to my shoulder. He eventually got up off the bed and returned with a towel from the bathroom. I was still giggling and cursing at them as I wiped my face and neck . . . and my hair!!!

Hubby was still prone next to me as I lay back and then cuddled up into No. 1 as he joined us back on the bed. We lay together, the three of us squeezing into one another until eventually No. 1 got up to shower before his journey home. He returned from the bathroom and pulled his clothes on whilst telling us how envious he was that we were able to spend the night. Hubby kept saying “Well you know you can stay as well. Wouldn’t it be great to start the morning with a really special wake-up call!!” We knew he really had to go of course . . . but I did detect a hint of temptation in his parting kiss.

And so it was Hubby who benefited from that “early morning special wake-up call”!!!!

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  1. Great post! I am heartened to read that these things take time to evolve. The husband and I only started talking about threesomes a few months ago. He does not “know about” the other men I’ve seen, although he does “know” them, as friends and acquaintances.

  2. Sally

    OMG! Your posts just get sexier and sexier. This is the most erotic turn-on Ive ever read. Made me wet, wet and wetter again. Reading over & over. Youre so lucky and Im so envious. OMG I so wish I was you.

  3. Hot,hot, hot damn good story Modesty, loved every word, thanks for allowing me to enjoy it… 🙂

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