Friday evening with Lover No. 2

We hadn’t met since February, so when Lover No. 2 called to say he would have the house to himself on the following Friday I had no hesitation in agreeing to his invitation for dinner . . . and desserts!! His wife would be away on business for the night and he was desperate for a longer session than we’d been able to arrange in February (Lover No. 2).

Unlike my husband, No. 2 enjoys cooking so I teasingly told him I would be thrilled to be “waited on hand . . . and cock” and asked if I would be allowed to lounge again in his huge bath tub whilst he prepared the food. He replied that I should text him when I was leaving the office and he’d “run the bath and chill the wine”.

His house is actually just a 20 minute cab journey from work and I arrived just after 7 p.m. True to his word he greeted me with a large glass of wine (and passionate embraces) and told me my bath was ready. We stood kissing at the foot of the stairs for some time though, his caresses pushing me gently against the wall and his hands almost immediately unzipping my dress and unclipping my bra. It was difficult for me to return his caressing as I had the wine glass in one hand and was having to reach back with the other to keep myself steady against the wall. I could feel his erection through his trousers though, rubbing against my leg as we continued exchanging kisses. I was already moaning with delight as he rubbed the palms of his hands across my nipples as he slid them under the bra. As I leant back against the wall I swapped the wine glass from one hand to the other behind his head as I slid each arm free from the sleeves of my dress . . . and my bra straps. I gasped into his ear as I felt the dress drop from me to the floor. He was sliding his tongue and lips down my tummy now as he dropped to his knees and slid my knickers off over my hips as quickly as he’d unclipped my bra. I stepped, one leg at a time, from my panties . . . my legs opening wider as I did so . . . and then groaning with the pleasure of his tongue licking down and in between my lips. “I need that bath” I told him, “I’ve been working all day, I must be sweaty and smelly”.“You smell wonderful” he lifted away for a moment to answer up to me, before leaning forward again to push his tongue back into me. He’d slid his hands down to my ankles now and was pushing my legs apart wider. I tried to lift him up and move him over towards the stairs. He twisted with me long enough to swivel me around and then sit me backwards down onto the carpeted steps, taking the glass from me now and placing it down on the floor beside him. His hands ran back over my knees spreading me wider as he leant forward, flicking his tongue over me again. I was quickly losing the will to protest about needing a bath, gasping out again as his fingers reached up to squeeze at my nipples and I felt his tongue scraping over my lips and pushing gloriously into my slit. “Oh fuck” I groaned loudly as he leant back now and slid one hand down between my legs again and followed the path of his tongue with his finger. I’d been with him just a matter of minutes and hadn’t gotten past his front hallway and here I was, completely naked but for my hold-up stockings, laid back on his stairs with his head, and fingers, pumping up and down, and in and out, between my legs. “I love that” I moaned as I reached round to hold his head with both my hands now. “You taste fantastic, you’re so wet” he was telling me, but I didn’t need him to tell me . . . I could feel it. “I love it, fucking love it” I was urging him on now, grasping his bobbing head and pushing it against me in time with his own rocking. “Oohh, oohh” I gasped out as he turned his fingers around inside me and I felt the heel of his palm on me now as he lifted his mouth away. “Finger me, finger me, don’t stop” I was pleading as I felt him slow for a moment. But he was only re-adjusting his position. “Oh fuck,” I gasped out again as his hand suddenly began quickening in it’s pushing and thrusting and his face leant forward again. I pushed his face into me more. “Finger it, fuck me with it” I was gasping and lifting my legs up onto his shoulders. I came with short, loud, screams, clamping his head between my legs and rocking from side to side. As the ripples and shudders subsided I was suddenly conscious of his gasps for breath and his head pushing up against my hands. He shook himself free and I twisted to one side trying to stretch my legs and keep my balance on the step of the stairs. He held me and lifted me up a little, laughing and telling me how he loved seeing me come like that, and that he’d never seen any woman make so much noise and expressions as I did.

I needed a few minutes to recover, even as uncomfortable as it was. Before I sat back up properly and looked at him sitting two steps below me and grinning like a Cheshire cat. “You promised I could be having a bath” I scolded him. He laughed and said “you may have to top it up with a bit hotter water now”.

He also topped up my wine for me as I lounged back in the warmth and relaxing comfort of the water, leaving me to soak and unwind whilst he went back downstairs to attend to his meal. It was so relaxing, and I’d had such a hectic day in the office, and then a hectic come at the foot of his stairs, that I could have laid there for hours . . .

. . . he helped me dry and wrapped me in one of the towelling robes hanging on the back of the bathroom door. (It wasn’t until much later in the evening when I’d finally arrived home, and was reliving my story to Hubby, that I realised I hadn’t asked if it was his robe . . . or ‘hers’!)

I felt wonderfully spoilt, having had a really nice meal cooked for me, and then cuddling back onto the sofa together as we relaxed and chatted about both our weeks. We talked for quite some time actually . . . no, it’s not all just about sex . . . it’s also about just being comfortable in someone else’s company and being able to talk about family and work things just like old friends, which of course we are.

Gradually though our cuddles became closer, and longer. I could feel he was aroused again, as I gently squeezed his hardness through his trousers. I complained that he was still dressed and pushed him back against the back of the sofa and began undoing the buttons of his shirt. He helped undo his belt and as he stood to slide his trousers off, his erection sprang forwards in front of me. I closed my mouth over him and reached forward to cup his balls in the palm of my hand as I sucked up and down on him. I love the feel of a warm cock growing harder and stiffer in my mouth, and as he sank back down onto the sofa I could tell he was loving it too.

I was kneeling on the floor between his knees now, enjoying slowly sliding my lips up and down on him and then wrapping my fingers around his shaft as I licked and flicked my tongue over its head, before sliding my mouth down completely onto him again. I opened my eyes and could see his tummy flexing and could hear his breath quickening. I lifted away and then stood up in front of him, leaning forward to position myself over him before sitting down onto his lap. We both gasped at the feeling of me sliding my wetness down onto him. He was grasping my hips as I slowly started lifting up and then pushing back down onto him. He leant forward sucking at my nipples and thrusting his own hips upwards to meet my downward thrusts. We fucked like this for just a few minutes before he asked if we could go upstairs to the bedroom.

We stood embracing by the side of the bed before he laid me down across it in front of him. I started to slide my back across towards the middle to make room for him to climb in next to me, but instead he pulled me back to the edge, lifting my legs up and apart and immediately sliding his cock into me. I gasped with the exertion, and the excitement, of being pulled back to the side of the bed like that . . . and then gasped louder as he straight away began thrusting straight into me. He was grunting “do you like that” as he pumped into me . . . I gasped back “you know I fucking love it, you know I love fucking you”.

He pulled my legs around behind his bum, pushing down on my breasts with the palm of each hand, really pumping at me now in hard and quickening thrusts. I could hear the slapping of our skin together and I was crying out in the pleasure of the sounds, and the feelings. He was grunting quite loudly too and I loved hearing our gasps and groans like that . . . almost animalistic and wanton, I was gasping at him “fuck my cunt, oohh I fucking love it”.

I was coming again and then felt him cry out and pull himself out and thrust it forward over my tummy. He pushed and pulled against me for a few more strokes as I felt myself rolling over onto my side again in spasms as his weight pushed me back further onto the bed. He rolled over me completely, pulling me over on top of him and then down onto my back again. I was swearing and gasping and shaking . . . it wasn’t until I stretched my legs out a few minutes later that I suddenly felt the wet patches on the bed cover beneath me that I was sure that he’d come as well. We were cuddling together and then giggling to each other in whispers as I rolled and pushed him further as I tried to find a dry spot to completely stretch out and recover.

We lay unspeaking for sometime. Him just kissing my neck and shoulders occasionally, me holding my hands up in my “recovery mode” position to try and keep him still. Eventually we dozed, obviously so comfortable and warm in each other’s arms that we both felt the need to just let our senses unwind and return to our normal senses.

It’s always difficult having to pull myself out of bed and convince the both of us that it is time to go home, but on this occasion it was even more difficult. Perhaps the bath, perhaps the wine, perhaps the enormity of my second orgasm . . . had just left me feeling so relaxed . . .

No. 2 called the cab and then helped me retrieve my scattered clothing from the bottom of the stairs where it had lay from the first few moments of my arrival. The motion of the cab on the journey home seemed to make me feel even more drowsy and exhausted . . . but I knew Hubby would be waiting up on the sofa for me to arrive home and relive all that had happened . . . and that my evening wasn’t over just yet!!!

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  1. Sally

    Just super again Modesty. The sex on the stairs was so exciting. Your writing makes me feel like I was there. simply gorgeous and your best diary yet.

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