Becoming a little more . . . “public” !

In our previous encounters at The Swingers Club I’ve only ever really indulged in one of the “private” rooms. The rooms have lockable doors and although I’ve known that we are being watched through the viewing slots and windows, I’ve felt comfortable that it is only myself and my chosen partners that are actually, physically, in the room with me.

Until our most recent visit!!!

The evening had started off quietly at the bar, just drinking and socialising with people we’d met on previous visits, and one or two new acquaintances. Hubby wandered off every so often, returning to report on what was, or wasn’t, happening away from the bar. I was perfectly happy just sitting and chatting . . . enjoying the company, old and new.

After some time a couple that we’d been talking with shortly after we’d arrived, returned to the bar next to us and we resumed our conversation from earlier. They were just a little older than us, but both very nice and easy to talk with. The wife was particularly outgoing and our own conversation became more relaxed . . . and more flirtatious. She asked if I “liked girls” and what things I’d “gotten up to” on our previous visits. I explained that I’d only briefly played with another woman on a couple of occasions, but hadn’t really progressed further than that. She suddenly took my hand and said “come on, let’s go and see what’s happening”. I found myself letting her lead me across the dance floor without even glancing back to seek Hubby’s approval.

We danced together for just a few minutes before she led me across to where a younger man was sitting. I recognised him as someone we’d seen her with earlier in the evening. She led the both of us through the corridor, not to one of the private rooms, but instead to the main “play room”. It is the largest room in the club, with one low-level bed in one corner and “viewing” benches around the other three walls. They guided me down onto the bed and with them sitting on each side of me I felt the straps of my dress being eased down over my shoulders . . . and my nipples suddenly being caressed and squeezed by two different pairs of hands. Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps just the sheer excitement of what was being done to me, but I suddenly felt myself swooning and gasping at first their touches, and then their kisses. I knew that the room hadn’t been empty when we’d entered, I’d noticed other people sitting in the corners . . . but I now had my back turned to the rest of the room, and with my new friends kneeling in front of me, licking and sucking at my breasts and their fingers sliding between my legs, it was suddenly easy to blank out everything else around me. Hubby told me later that a crowd had quickly gathered, couples and single guys, filling up the room . . . and others standing at the windows and door into the main corridor.

I was oblivious to everything though, apart from the lips and tongues, and fingers sliding over and into me. My lady friend had turned me on my side and was sucking from one nipple to the other and sliding her fingers deliciously between my legs. I tried to reach for her own breasts but was shaking so much with the passion and excitement that I could only hold her shoulders. She lifted away from me and turned me back in the other direction to where her young man was now lying naked on his back to the other side of me. My hand just instinctively slid down over his chest to grasp his erection. I slid down further and leant forward to suck him into my mouth. He was hard, and long, (“quite long” I remember thinking to myself as I sucked up and down on him!). I could feel my ladys hands stroking up and down over my back and then reaching around to play with my breasts again. I heard him asking me something, but hadn’t heard exactly what he’d said, so lifted my mouth away to ask “Pardon?”. He repeated his question, “Can you sit up on my face?” I sat up on my heels and shuffled myself further up the bed with him pulling me up by my hips as well. His tongue felt luscious over my lips as I sat down on him. I’d opened my eyes for a moment as I’d been re-adjusting my position, but closed them again instantly . . . I was face-to-face with one of the windows looking into the corridor and I’d made out shapes and shadows looking back at me!!!

My concentration had been momentarily broken, but his hands were now pushing at my hips, pushing me down over his chest. I gasped as I felt his cock sliding under my lips and over my button. I was swooning again. I lifted up slightly and reached my hand round behind my bottom, feeling his erection in my fingers . . . it didn’t need much guidance . . . I knew I’d let out a loud groan as I felt him sliding in . . . and up . . . the vision of that length I’d noted minutes earlier, flashed through my mind. I groaned again, in delight, and excitement. I lifted my dress up and over my shoulders, gasping again with each of his thrusts, and at the feel of my ladys hands brushing down over my back as she helped lift my dress away!

He was grasping me by my hips now, I felt myself pushing down on him and twisting my bottom to meet each of his thrusts as he pushed up. My ladys hands were playing and squeezing over my nipples . . . and then one of her hands slid down over my tummy, pushing and probing in between my lips and finding my button. I knew I was being noisy, grunting and groaning and (according to Hubby who was apparently now sitting on side of the bed next to us) crying out “fucking hell, fucking amazing!!!” But I was (almost) oblivious to everything else around me, I knew there were people there, knew my enjoyment and naughtiness was being watched and heard by others . . . but I didn’t care, in fact knowing that I was there in that “open” room, was probably making my excitement, and naughtiness, even more intense!!!

I collapsed forwards onto him, allowing myself a few moments to relax and unwind in his embrace. He rolled me over onto my back and then turned back to my lady friend who was now eager to take over from where I’d left off. I watched as she climbed onto him, I was more concerned about not looking round to the rest of the room, rather than actually wanting to see them together. I felt hands on my knees and looked up. Thankfully it was Hubby, kneeling down between my legs now and leaning forward to kiss me and whisper into my ear as he kissed my neck “that was just incredible”. I giggled nervously, looking over his shoulder into the room now, before quickly closing my eyes again, there were several men, naked men, standing directly behind him!! I sank back onto the bed, wrapping my legs around my husbands bottom. He was kissing my neck and then leaning down to suck at my nipples, telling me they were “hard and standing up like buttons”. I felt his own hardness sliding into me . . . and then starting to stroke and push.

We fucked for several minutes, I can’t remember for how long, I was back in my “zone” now, oblivious but not oblivious. I felt him lift away and over my leg to sit down next to me to start playing with my breasts again. I glanced across to my left, my lady friend was groaning and crying out loudly still sitting on top of “our” young man. (When I mentioned her groans to Hubby later he laughed and said “you were just as loud . . . if not louder!!”) I looked back to my right and over my Hubbys head bobbing up and down on my nipple. Behind us in the opposite corner of the room, my ladys husband who had been so quiet when chatting to us at the bar earlier, was now loudly pumping into another woman on the bench beneath him. Next to them I could make out another woman I didn’t recognize, bouncing up and down on the lap of an unknown partner behind her.

A pair of hands, a new pair of hands on my ankles, suddenly brought my attention back to my own position. My husband had sat back up next to me, but there was a new man, one we’d spoken to briefly at the bar earlier, now kneeling on the floor in front of us and opening my legs slowly, but deliberately. I flinched for a moment, not sure how to react, not sure if I should resist and hold my legs together, or . . . I glanced at Hubby, he was smiling and then nodding . . . I relaxed. Slowly my legs were spread wider and this new man leant forward. I felt myself lifting my bottom forward to meet his mouth as he leaned across the foot of the bed. His lips, and tongue, and fingers were probing and stroking. I was gasping again and pushing forward against his face. I grasped Hubbys hand, holding him tightly next to me. My eyes were closed but I could hear my own moans, and those of my lady friend next to me and the shaking on the bed as their fucking reached it’s climax.

I was completely back in my zone now, revelling in the new feelings and touches to my pussy and thighs and the hands stroking at my legs and breasts. So many hands!!! I was still grasping one of Hubbys, who did the others belong to??? I opened my eyes, there were now two heads at the foot of the bed. A woman had joined my new, new man kneeling on the floor in front of us. I’d already slid my back and bottom forward on the bed, Hubby was now sitting on the edge on my right hand side, my new, new man sat down on the edge of the bed to my left, still rubbing his fingers around and around over my clit. I was twisting and thrusting my pussy forwards against his fingers, but also now the fingers of this new woman pushing and sliding her own fingers into me. I was moaning and gasping again, squeezing Hubbys hand tighter than ever, and then groaning loudly as I felt her hands spreading my legs even wider. My new, new man was leaning over me, his tongue replacing his fingers over my clit . . . and I could feel my new ladys finger too, probing and then pushing against my bottom hole. I was shaking and shuddering . . . and crying out . . . I didn’t want it . . . and yet I did want it!!!

My cries became a squeal as I shuddered and shook, my legs closing and opening again . . . and shaking and quivering with the release as I pushed my heels against the leather of the bed and in one last screaming push, pulled myself away from her finger and reached down with my hands to lift his head away from me. I rolled over onto my side, pulling myself into Hubbys arms and trying to pull my still shaking knees up to my tummy between us. I could hear their voices telling me how “lovely” and “special” I was, and someone kissing my bottom, but I couldn’t turn to face them. I was still shaking with my recovery and clenching my eyes as tightly closed as I could. I nodded my head and lifted one hand behind me as my thanks in response to the nice things they were saying.

Hubby says we were only laying together, in recovery mode, for a few minutes, but it seemed like ages before I could lift myself up. I tried not to look around to see how many people may have still been there. I was groping for my dress, and then my shoes, whispering to Hubby to hurry and find his own clothes and take me back to the bar.

And it’s a strange feeling once we get back to the bar . . . slightly surreal, in the brighter lights, clothed again (however minimal and revealing our clothing may be) and distanced in some way from those events that had happened only a room away. Chatting away again to people who may have, a few minutes previously, been watching everything we’d done!!! Surreal and exciting . . . wildly exciting . . . something I’d never imagined myself doing, yet knowing that once I’d started, I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) stop!!!!


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  1. Sally

    God, wish this was me.

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